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Norton Internet Security 2005 and Glocktalk

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by JVMHGF, Jul 14, 2005.


    JVMHGF NRA Life Member

    May 29, 2004
    Anyone else having issues using this product and accessing Glocktalk? When replying, Glocktalk keeps asking me to login. Other times, the Glocktalk pages do not render correctly. I turned off the Norton personal firewall and fired up ZoneAlarm and ... no problems.

    If anyone can tell me how to configure the Norton Personal firewall so that Glocktalk will function properly, I would greatly appreciate it. :)
  2. The Norton firewall is one of the more difficult to configure.It will block things you don't want it to block.Zone Alarm,even the free version,offers good protection.

  3. You may be able to reduce the default settings for the level of protection.
  4. rfb45colt

    rfb45colt safe-cracker

    Mar 1, 2002
    WI's Northwoods
    I just got a new computer a few days ago. It's got the latest versions of Norton. I'm not computer savvy at all, and totally unfamiliar with XP (after 7 yrs of using only Windows 95, it's totally "new" ;Q), and security issues. I had the same problem posting here... Everytime I tried to post, I was told to log in again. Everytime I jumped forums, I had to re-log.

    I tried this.... I listed Glock Talk under "trusted sites" in the security section of internet options, and it seems to work OK now.