No XD love in this forum?

Discussion in 'The XD Club' started by powernoodle, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. T-Rod45

    T-Rod45 Loves The Glock

    I like XD's. I actually started on polymer pistols with an XD(M) 9... I just don't like grip safeties. I'd like to shoot the 5.25 .45 and the XDS. I actually fondled a XDS today, tiny .45 and the front sight is great...

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  2. I have 1 xd (45 tactical) and 1 xdm (9mm) and want to get a 40 xdm to kinda complete the main 3 auto loads. I like them but they diffently feel different than a Glock and Glock feels like an extention of my body due to the amount I have shot them. Honestly I would like to pick up a few S & W to just be well rounded, but Glock will remain king in my book due to the ease of mods, weight and reliablity.

  3. I carry an XDS .45 with +2 mags IWB - SO comfortable and easy to conceal - even when driving long distances. A G31 with extended barrel and Underwood Gold Dots lies comfortably in an Air Marshal 3 shoulder rig should 15 rounds of .45 not get the job done.

    I own two Glocks but am really digging that XDS.


    - jim

  4. :fred:

    I remember, back in "the day" when the Charter Arms Bulldog was the big light gun, then along came the Star PD that proved a small light .45 could work. Those guns are almost iconic.
    Back then however, CCW permits were few and far between, today with CCW being more common I predict that the XDS is going to become an icon.
  5. I looked hard at the XD's before choosing Glock. The short length of pull on the XD just didn't feel right at all.
  6. Love my XD 40. Definitely fits my hand just right.

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  8. just purchased my first XD 40 even using the mag loader it's tough to get the mags full. I never had this much trouble with my Glock does it get easier? Any tips?
  9. I am on my 5th XD XDm and I load all my mags by hand without a mag loader. I have owned dozens of Glocks and loaded them by hand as well. The Glock mags do get easier to load in time but the XDm magazines seem to be consistent.

    The way I see it the XDm magazines have a better spring.
  10. I love the XD series, especially the XDm.
  11. Same here...added a new XDm .45 to the "family" recently. Won't push the Kimber out of daily carry any time soon, but love the ergonomics of the XDm and a joy to shoot along with the Glock family...

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