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Discussion in 'GTArmY - Join The Fight!' started by dereklord, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. So I guess this game isnt quite as active as I would have hoped, but I did get atacked last night and get all my glod stolen. I managed to get 5 gold back, but I am now out of turns. If anyone can help me get turns by clicking, I would REALLY appreciate it. And I hope everyone can get active in this game because it sounds pretty fun. Thanks for the help and here is the link...
  2. So, who attacked you? Not cool attacking newbies...We need names....

    (I warned you to spend all your gold quickly)

  3. Oh i spent most of it...he only got about 25 gold from me, but that makes it so I cant buy anymore spies to see if the people I want to attack have any gold, so I actually waste most of my turns now. Only able to get back 5 gold. Im still trying though. Any suggestions on who to attack?
  4. You can't purchase spies-there is a bug in the game.

    I'd start with attacking the army who attacked you and took your remaining gold!
  5. We still need a gold bail out, or something to get the game goiing again.

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