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no sound after card installation - any ideas

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by DesertEagle, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. DesertEagle

    DesertEagle OH HELL MY HEAD CLM

    May 31, 2001
    Rome Ga
    Okay, I got a new computer last christmas, and ever since then, I've been using the onboard (motherboard) sound card. In my old computer I had a good old soundblaster live 5.1.

    Today I finally had enough of sometimes scratchy audio in games and whatnot. So I went over to my old computer and cracked it open. The operation was a success and the soundcard was out. So I gently pre-op'ed my new computer and gingerly slid the old sblive into a pci slot.

    It appears to be fully seated. Put the cover back on, loaded the comp up, it picked up the windows drivers, asked me to reboot. Did that. Nothing. The sound is still being piped through the motherboard plug, nothing from the sblive plug.

    So I figure maybe the (soundblaster) software would redirect the sound correctly to that device instead of the motherboard plug. Download and install the latest sblive software, reboot, STILL nothing.

    The motherboard works fine, but the sblive is dead air. Any guesses?

    Would I have to fool with the devices page to get it to point to the right sound output device? Should it be piping it to both and playing from whichever is plugged in (meaning the card maybe just crapped out). I could always run to CC and pick up the latest and greatest cheapie SC, but I don't want to do that unless I know the thing is just dead.

    Should it be pointing at one output or the other, would it pipe to both, what?

    I did change the the cd-in line from the motherboard to the sblive, but even when I put a CD in (as opposed to mp3s) it still goes to the motherboard.

  2. Ripper_1394

    Ripper_1394 Need a Ride?

    Which jack is you speakers plug into? The one on the motherboard, or on the sb card?

  3. chevrofreak

    chevrofreak Senior Member

    Dec 27, 2001
    Billings, Montana
    In the BIOS disable onboard sound.
  4. Garr

    Garr Be Prepared

    Jun 8, 2004
    Washington State
    You may also want to check if you need to change a jumper on the motherboard. My IBM from a while back required a jumper change if a new PCI vid card was installed or it wouldn't look for it.
  5. DesertEagle

    DesertEagle OH HELL MY HEAD CLM

    May 31, 2001
    Rome Ga
    Right now, the MoBo, cause that's where there's info coming out of the PC and into the speakers, but when I was trying it, it was plugged into the SB card, in the speaker jack (it has several others, and so I triple checked that I WAS in fact putting it in the right jack on the card.

    Probably one of the other two gents hit it. I'll check that stuff eventually, don't feel like messing with the bios right now (after all, pretty much everything works as is, just would be better with the actual card), and if it comes down to jumpers, I'll let my buddy who built it figure it out ;f After all, that's what I'm friends with him for ;)

  6. Grabbrass


    Aug 14, 2001
    Almost Heaven
    I agree with chevro .. you need to disable the onboard sound in BIOS. It's overriding your card.