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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by YtownGlock, Apr 10, 2012.

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    ...Or not :(

    I'm pretty sure in most states, including mine, if an establishment, store, etc does not want firearms on their premises they have to post at any and all entrances that prohibit firearms for patrons to clearly see.

    But what happens when you enter a store or an establishment and off to the side on a wall or behind an obstruction the sign is posted, but it wasn't posted at the entrance like it should have been.

    Do you continue to conceal carry? OR do you take the walk of shame back to your car and lock it up?

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  3. Depends on the state/situation. In Michigan signs don't have force of law (in my opinion). I'd continue to carry. I believe you are from Ohio. If I were in Ohio and I saw it I'd leave and not go back.

  4. IndyGunFreak

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    Signs have no force of law in Indiana, so I don't concern myself with them. If you are requested to leave (ie, they see your gun and ask you to leave), and you refuse, you can be charged with trespassing... but the gun is irrelevant to this.. as it would be the same charge if you didn't have a gun and were asked to leave for some reason.

  5. Would you elaborate on the Ohio comment please?
  6. Ohio is a trespassing issue as well. No worries about the signs.
  7. at every place i've seen a sign, they did not have the legal size correct sign posted.
  8. in my state, signs must be posted on the entrance (and not within the building) in order for them to be "legal."
  9. hamster

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    Not true. In ohio the signs carry the force of law. If caught it is a criminal matter.

    The law in Ohio is written such that "knowingly" violating the sign is a crime. If the sign is hidden as you say and you didn't see it when coming in, I think you might be able to make a reasonable argument that you didn't know. However, as soon as you do see the sign, you should leave the establishment and either

    1) leave and come back unarmed or
    2) leave and don't come back since they don't want your business.
  10. MS has enhanced carry. :tongueout: The sign means nothing if you have it. If you are made and the person in charge of the store, owner, etc asks you to leave then you must; if not you face trespassing charges.
  11. Ohio statue:
    And now that I think back on it if it were Michigan I'd probably leave and not come back either but it would depend on the situation.
  12. redbaron007

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    This is the same for MO.

    Whether or not your carrying, if you are asked to leave and don't, then trespassing could/will be the charge.

    The key is, if they ask you to leave, leave!


  13. +1 to this.

    In Ohio, you really don't want to be sitting in court trying to argue the definition and application of "conspicuous" in your circumstance. If you see that sign, get out.
  14. YtownGlock

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    Yeah I am from Ohio. But the two times I have been in this situation I didn't see the sign UNTIL I was actually leaving. Never told to leave though. After Governor Kasich signed the Restaurant Carry Bill I have been carrying to every bar I go to (Obviously, I don't drink, DUH!) and there is one bar that has a transparent plastic sign on their front glass door that is really friggin hard to see that says "*** LLC. bans firearms on the premises." Good thing their side door doesnt have this sign, so I go in that way :D. Not against the law to carry in a bar anymore, just against the property owners wishes (Correction: I overlooked the ohio statute before posting that). And if for some reason an employee or member of management saw my gun and told me to leave, I would gladly get up and leave and then hand them one of those Ohio Do Not Patronize While Armed cards.
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  15. SCmasterblaster

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    Why would a gun-hating store want to put up a sign? They righteously assume that nearly all people are unarmed, so why put up signs?
  16. I put down the items on the counter and say I'm sorry but I must leave and will not patronize you establishment until you remove the sign and neither will my friends.
  17. YtownGlock

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    This is what gun hating stores should put up:
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  18. I'm also from Ohio. If I'm heading into a store and see a sign, I turn right around and go someplace else. Later, when I get home, I send an email to the store or their corporate office (depending the store) explaining why I will no longer be giving them my business and attach a scan of my receipt of the purchases I made at their competitor.

  19. I stand corrected partially. It is criminal trespass if you are inside the building and civil trespass if you are not.

    Either way, I still avoid places with signs regardless of their status.

    I have a confusing one here in TN. There is a mall that took the signs off the doors but as I was leaving their parking lot I saw they mounted signs to the stop signs (I did not see any on the way in!)?!?!? Not sure about the legality of that one...
  20. In WI signs carry legal weight but need to meet legal requirements. I've seen only one place properly posted. I tend to stay away from places with "come rob me" signs. I figure my business is not desired so why risk my safety.
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  21. FireForged

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    If a private business doesnt want me to carry guns on their propery, I will honor that request as soon a I realize it. If its on the outside I wont go in... If i see a sign on the inside, I will leave. I would want the same respect on my property.

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