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No Power when button is pushed...hmmmm

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by -, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Guest

    So i built a gamer / school puter for my bosses son. All the parts arrived today and i installed them into the tower. I have built a lot of computers before but this one does have something i didnt come accross until today.

    The ATX power cable from the PSU is smaller than the ATX connection on the MB. It fits in there still, but only one way and it leaves 4 pins un-used. I still put the ATX12v ( small square one) connection in its usual spot on the MB.

    Also, the little clip on the ATX connection that locks into the same connection on the MB doesnt line up. I did plug it in the way it fit, but it didnt lock in. The MB has a green light on it that is "ON" but pushing the power button on does nothing. I have check the Pwr Sw, HD Led and Reset Sw and they are correctly done. My only guess is i did something wrong with the ATX power connection or the PSU is bad. The light on the MB tells me the PSU is most likely ok so i am at a loss.

    The PSU does show 115 volts selected and the switch on the back is also correct. I moved it to make sure and it still didnt turn on.

    So what is the skinny on the ATX plug on the MB being larger than the connection from my PSU and could this be related to my problem.

  2. AZ-Boog


    Apr 19, 2002
    Chandler, Arizona

  3. IndyGunFreak


    Jan 26, 2001
    Never saw one of those AZ, any particular reason why they deviated from the standard connection? Seems like a pain for nothing.

    I imagine you can probably find one of those adapters at Best Buy/Comp USA/Fry's..

  4. Guest

    You think i need that adaptor ?

    Well just out of chance i ordered an OCZ modstream that was delivered with the parts for the gamer i was building ( for myself a bit at a time).

    I just swapped out the PSU ( the OCZ doesnt fit into the Raidmax case but i set it up on the table right next to it. Still no power when the button is pushed. I do get the same green MB light that is on but no power other than that.

    Changing the PSU to the OCZ Modstream didnt work. My OCZ modstream didnt com with that adpator, it was already the larger ATX connection.

    Now What?


    Aslo, the MB manual says its compatible, it still only goes in one way but you have 4 open pins 11,12, 23,24. So i thought i was ok until i tried to turn it on, now i have no idea.
  5. AZ-Boog


    Apr 19, 2002
    Chandler, Arizona
    So the PS that has the smaller connector is NOT the OCZ.

    The OCZ has the larger connector that is of the correct size.

    You connected the smaller connector from the 1st PS up to the larger size connector on the motherboard at first.

    You tried hooking up the OCZ after you tried the 1st PS with the smaller connector.

    Correct so far?

    I'm concerned that if all of the above is correct that you may have taken the motherboard out when you tried to power up with the smaller connector hooked up.
  6. Guest

    You are correct AZ but here is what the book says about the connection:

    Note: The 24 pin power connector "ATXPWR1" is compliant to the former 20-pin type. Pay attention to the orientation when doing so ( PIN 11,12,23,24 should be left un-connected).

    Am i reading it wrong or does it not imply that the 20 pin connection is fine, you just have 4 pins not connected. Also, the connection only fits on one way and it leaves 11,12,23 and 24 , it will not connect any other way.

    I have 3 of these MBs so i really need to figure this out. I have two more to build after this one. A gamer / work puter and a friends gamer / work puter.


    now if i am wrong then yeah maybe that explains why the OCZ didnt do anything.
  7. Guest

    I may be up the creek, just found this:

    xPCgear's 20-Pin to 24-Pin ATX Power Supply Adapter Converter Cable will allow you to connect a standard 20-Pin ATX Power Supply to a 24-Pin ATX Motherboard Power Connector. Our cable is especially useful for the new Pentium 4 Socket 775/T Motherboards that require a 24-Pin Power Supply.

    This is a LGA 775 so i may have just screwed the pooch.

  8. AZ-Boog


    Apr 19, 2002
    Chandler, Arizona
    If those instructions you posted came from the mobo documentation, it sounds like it should have worked. Maybe the mobo went TU for another reason. Just to play it safe, knowing that you have 3 more systems to build (same mobo??), I would go ahead and order some of those 20 to 24 pin PS adapter cables.

    I got a dumb question for you: Did you remember to plug in the +12V 4-pin aux. power connector on the mobo?? You do have a cpu installed as well, correct??

    It sounds like the mobo fried if all of the above is ok. Get an RMA and send it back for replacement while you're waiting for your adapter cables.

    Maybe before you do that I might test out those other mobo's with your OCZ and see if anyone of those is bad also.

    What kind of PS is the one you originally tried out? The one with the smaller connector??


    sorry didn't mean to ignore the question. The newer mobo's have a 24 pin power connector because of greater requirements of the newer cpu's. The 20 to 24 pin adapter allows one to use an older style PS (20 pin) and hook it up to a newer style (24 pin) mobo.
  9. Guest

    Way ahead of you AZ, i installed the other MB to my thermaltake case and the OCZ PSU, not his Raidmax case.

    About to finish making all the other connections, i just got the other MB in it. Yes all three MB are the same.

    Yes the 4 pin ATX12volt connection was made.

    The original PSU that is in the Raidmax case and has the smaller connection is Model # KY-520ATX and is 420w.

    I will keep you posted.
  10. Guest

    It started right up with the other MB.

    So do i buy a case that has a PSU with a 24 pin connector or can i just buy an adapter for the current case and PSU ?

    Does it matter ?


    Thanks for the help AZ, i was lost, i think i only ever had one other bad MB.
  11. AZ-Boog


    Apr 19, 2002
    Chandler, Arizona
    What's the brand/type and rating of the other PS you have??

    Will that other PS carry the load of the system you put together?

    If so, you'll probably be ok with just getting one of those adapter cables.

    you're welcome! ;)

    I actually enjoy doing this kind of troubleshooting.
  12. Guest

    The raidmax has 13v on the +12V rail.

    I want to buy a new PSU for it but when i went to Newegg i didnt see it listed in the PSU options. Oops ... it meaning the 24 pin ATX connection.

    Also the Raidmax cases look like they will only work with a Raidmax PSU. Looking at the PSU's they have on newegg it would appear raidmax doesnt have a PSU with 18+volt ont he 12V rail.

    I am concerned about stability now using the existing PSU in the case. Also none on the listed Raidmax PSU had a 24 pin ATX connection so i need the adaptor. I may switch cases, i will see what newegg has that comes with a 24 pin ATX connector.

  13. AZ-Boog


    Apr 19, 2002
    Chandler, Arizona
    13 Amps on the +12V rail??

    too low my friend.

    Your concerns about stability are well warranted.

    I would find something else.

    I've always prefered to get the case without a PS and put something I know and trust in afterwards. It's more expensive, but you'll have the piece of mind knowing you'll have a stable system.

    best of luck. keep me posted!
  14. Guest

    Well there is no Raidmax PSU that has at least 18a on the 12 v rail. New egg only lists 3 PSU total from them. My OCZ wont even mount in there due to the fan being on the bottom which hits the small metal shelf of the Raidmax case.

    How do i know what PSU will fit other than a Raidmax! I would just buy a Raidmax one only they dont have any. I hate to buy another case because i think he will like this one, only the PSU is lacking. I need to find a PSU for it, its late i will work on it Wed.

  15. Guest

    That should work DC.

    I will have to get the ok to buy it as i was given a budget which i have already spent. But i think its a good idea and i will push for it, hell its only $80.

    The reason i didnt look at zipzooomfly was the lack of pics. I still dont know if those two you showed me are the 24 pin ATX.


    I picked up this one:

    Newegg didnt have either of the two you have in the link. This should solve my problem.
  16. fastvfr

    fastvfr Ancient Tech

    Mar 28, 2001
    SW Oregon DID triple-check the case connections from the power button and such, right? :)

    Even with an underpowered PSU, the system will almost always start--then crash hard when running intensive apps like 3D games or DVD encoding that add to the system's energy demands.

    Check the power jack from the switch against the manual for correct location, and try removing it and turning it 180º before reattaching it...that sometimes helps.

    Good luck.
  17. Guest

    Ok the PSU came in today and i installed it.

    I downloaded the disk tools from Seagate and the system starts loading windows. Then i keep getting a BS of Death.

    The floppy i made using the seagate program doesnt have the SATA drivers on it. Did i miss a step with this SATA technology ?