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  1. So, I've been slowing putting together my little hobby engineering/machine shop as I progress through my engineering studies. I've been careful to stock both mechanical and electrical tools and instruments, so I could do my stuff without power if need be. I stumbled on this website, which could be useful to those looking at ways to have powerless power tools. I was especially impressed with the "drill press".

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    That's pretty nifty!

  3. If you had a welder, you could even make a more rigid frame out of steel. Instead of using a drill bit welded to a rod, you could weld a Jacob's chuck to a rod so you could change out bits like a normal drill. Lots of possibilities.
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    Coolest reference I've seen yet on this forum!!

    I wonder if you could surface grind with that multitool.
  5. There's alot more good info if you look at the follow on links and the powerpoint presentations. The concrete lathe is still in prototype, but the guy says it should be able to achieve a tolerance of 0.001. That is really good for what it is. I suspect knowledge like this and machining abilities would become very high in demand in a catastrophe event.

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