"No one should have known" you CCW'd

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Sam Spade, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Gray is not carrying two cell phone pouches.

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  2. Great thread and one that I will continue to follow. As someone who travels on planes every week I have more than enough time to people watch. During those times I do see my share of gun printing. As a new card holder and reading this thread proves to be a must, at least for me. Head on a swivel for sure.

  3. For years people that I do not know have asked if I'm a cop or if I'm in the military. I'm neither, but it kind of throws being "gray" out the window. I plan on carrying a G26 and a Kahr P380 as a BUG. Both are pretty easy to conceal, but if my "look" gives me a way, I'm already showing my cards. FWIW, my every day wear is a pair of tommy bahama shorts, polo and a pair of flip flops or running shoes. Any suggestions?
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    Thats right & its the way to do it.
  5. TattooedGlock

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    Wow, I forget we were all noobs once. You got a CHL or CCW to protect yourself. Don't change who you are, or you will stand out. Dress like you dress, no matter how that it and watch your surroundings for indicators that things are about to go bad. And most importantly, train and practice regularly on a range that allows you to draw, shoot, shoot from the hip, etc., or don't bother carrying. Also, packing a gun is not the end all to be all. Get off your fat *****, do some exercise, eat right, take some hand to hand self defense classes and realize that you're more likely to be justified in not shooting than you are in shooting. KISS. Peace out.
  6. "Then there are those who don't swagger or strut or anything similar, but their very presence says "Start something at your own risk". - Being 6'0 - 240 and pretty thick in the chest does that all by itself. :supergrin:

    All kidding aside, I've been carrying for almost 15 years and there's never been a time where I've "been made" or asked if I was "maybe" carrying. As stated by others, it all comes down to how you carry your weapon and equally as important, how you carry yourself. If you look or act like someone who is noticeably different than the people around you, you will be seen and then questions will start. Blend in, be cool and 99.9% of the time everything will be just fine.
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  7. I print almost 100% of the time I carry. I've been mistaken for a cop by other people and by cops themselves.

    I refuse the carry a .380 in my butt crack and I love outside the waistband holsters.

    I don't care...:supergrin:

  8. I have been carrying for 2 weeks and I have has prior incidents where because of my Hispanic descent I have been stopped and questioned. Well I do wear baggy pants and have a shaved head (prior military) I guess this makes me look like a Cholo. Does this look give me away as a ccw? I don't want to get shot by a police officer getting all freaked out.

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  9. Yes. A shaved head is a clear give away that you are carrying concealed, and when police know someone is carrying concealed they immediately open fire. :upeyes:
  10. TattooedGlock

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    Except here in TX if you print, you get arrested and lose your CHL :wow:
  11. Like Florida, I don't think Texas has a law that references printing.

    It seems printing would be okay in texas - so long as you're not wearing spandex that shows the complete outline of a gun.
  12. RussP


    Printing is NOT "okay in Texas."
  13. BamaTrooper

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    Most people look up to see what it is, stand still till the figure it out, then run. Going to the ground... not so much.
  14. Perhaps if you're wearing spandex around the gun. But printing under a t shirt seems to fit the definition of concealed handgun per the Texas statutes. Is there any case law on this to set a different precedence?

    The grip of your gun poking out of your shirt can look exactly like some of these giant smart phones people are carrying around today in a cell phone holster/case/clip/whatever they call them.
  15. RussP


    How much research did you do before posting, "It seems printing would be okay in Texas," a little, none?

    Printing, carrying a firearm in such a way that it is clearly identifiable to the casual observer, means the firearm is not "concealed". It may be covered, but it is not concealed. That, not carrying concealed, will get you into trouble in Texas.

    Carrying in a way that the ordinary observation of a reasonable person would lead them to think, "Wow, he carries a big cellphone," is not "printing".
  16. So can I wear my Spandex in Texas or not!!! If I can't then I'm going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe before I visit.
  17. Hmmm, that could prompt someone to say "is that a glock in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?" :eek:

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  18. RussP


    Folks, please, let's not continue down this path.

  19. SCmasterblaster

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    Great posting. Good review of the rules.
  20. :rofl::rofl:
    I read the law...then I posted it with my claim.

    I have "been around" for a while now, in it's always been my understanding that printing is when your gun is poking your clothing out of it's natural place in one way or another. If printing was straight up showing the gun's exact outline then it wouldn't be an issue because NO ONE WHO IS SANE goes out in a spandex suit with a glock underneath. Printing would never be discussed on gun forums if this was the case.

    I don't think you actually read my posts. To clear this up I used spandex as an example. Carrying under spandex would be clearly identifiable to the casual observer -not okay! :shower:
    The butt of your gun poking your polo cotton shirt is not clearly identifiable, but it is printing.


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