No more discounts in the future?

Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by 4095fanatic, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Went to the LGS to pick up a G19 (ended up going with a G34 as there was a 2+ month backorder on the G19, G17, and most of the popular models). I both volunteer at one fire dept. and work for another, happened to pull out my volunteer ID card first (I didn't think it would matter). I was then told that they might be doing away with the Volunteer FF/EMT discount program and that I'd need a letter from my chief saying I was an active member in good standing. He said he was getting grief from GLOCK about it being abused (people who only showed up once a year at their firehouses or were administrative members but were showing their ID and getting the discount). When I showed him my ID from my paid department he said that was much better and no letter would be required. Kinda sad how some soup sandwiches might be ruining it for the rest of us (I'm also guessing they were having issues with idiots buying them at the discounted price and re-selling them, but that's just a theory). *sigh*.
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  3. It's nice that they offer the discount to you guys. We had a guy put on his uniform once to get a discount at Burger King and he was full time. Burger King didn't have to deal with the problem, the other full time guys made sure it was clear to never do that again.

  4. I always tell my guys if they are offered one either decline or graciously accept, and if I hear of any of them demanding a discount I'm going to personally suspend them for 24 hours. And if you do get offered a discount don't abuse it. IE don't go in to a restaurant with ten non-fire people and try and get the fire discount for everyone because they're "with you".

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