no grip plugs for the new glock 30sf

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by mo.glocker, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. no-one makes grip plugs to fit the new glock 30sf gen 3 frame-(same as 30s)now FLAME:rofl:-on!

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  3. robhic

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    I,too, have a grip plug for my 30sf. Got it from either or Midway. Can't remember which, but I got one.
  4. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    I have the Pearce 30SF Grip Frame Insert PG-FI30SF. Note on the website it states "THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE", so maybe supply will be limited in the future to current vendor inventory.
  5. I sold my older G30SF and it had a plug that I installed about 2 years ago. Got a new G30S to replace it (kept the plug from the G30SF thinking it would fit the G30S - it didn't! I had no idea why until I found the following note on one site "WILL NOT FIT G29SF AND G30SF PURCHASED AFTER JUNE 30,2012" Anyway, I've been looking but can't find a newer one anywhere.
  6. I hear ya,just bought the new hybrid here in st.louis,did the same thing,kept it and now it don't fit:steamed:
  7. I have one that will fit the SF model, if any one is interested in it... I'll part with it as i have no use for it.... Bought it for my 30SF and just don't need it LOL..

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  8. Yes but will it fit the newer30sf -30s frames?
  9. GRT45

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    That is bizarre. Does your G30S have a lanyard hole at the base of the grip? The Pearce PG-FI30SF relies on the lanyard hole to hold it in place. Please describe briefly why it doesn't fit. Is it too big, small, or the wrong shape for the G30S? This is the first I've heard of a change in the Gen3 G30SF frame.
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  10. Yes, it has the lanyard hole. I got rid of it since it didn't fit, but if I remember correctly it was too small. Would not fit flush with the base of the grip and (because) its radius was too small and did not fit the cutout radius down inside the grip.
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  11. Just talked to Pearce,the lady told me that glock had a mold break on the 30sf frame in late 2012,and now the cavity on the now produced 30sf frames are too big.they tried selling the old plug to the old 30sf owners but everyone was sending them they have since ground up all of their stock,they are no longer available,so we are kind of screwed-jeff:shocked:
  12. I guess the one i (had) prob wont fit the new SF models then... oh well I cant find it anyways LOL looked all over the place this morning and came up empty... I have no ideas where that darn thing could have went ..:dunno::steamed:
  13. Thanks for calling Pearce and getting the info.!!!

    On a side note I took the G30S for its first outing this afternoon. What a sweet shooter - no regrets on selling the G30SF.
  14. Except for not having a plug to fill the ugly hole(lol)I got mine two weeks after shot show,place here in st.louis had four of them for 549.00(this place don't gouge)have already had the hybrid and ccw it for the last 2 years,but I'm sure it will be fine.i carry it in a comptac w,nine round flush mag and talon grips:wavey:
  15. Paul53

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    Get a grip, man!
  16. AK47Man

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  17. plugs are gay..
  18. I bought a regular Lone wolf G30 plug and filed it to fit my 30S. I really like how it rounds out the back of the grip.
  19. Hey,thanks,ill have to try this-:wavey:

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