No dog tags in the crate!

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  1. I learned a lesson the hard way this morning. While shaving and getting ready for work I heard my 4 month old GSD pup screaming like someone was torturing her. I ran to the bedroom an my wife had awoken and had to free her from the side of the crate. Her dog tags had gotten caught and luckily she wasn't high enough where she was hanging. This was her night time crate which is the wire type. She has a plastic travel kennel that we leave her in if we leave the house. I had just read about this on a GSD forum about a week ago and didn't heed the warning. From now on the collar goes off in the crate. I felt like such a dumbass and horrible pet parent.
  2. Since I only have one crate and it is the plastic carrier kind. I trained all my dogs that way..thus no problem.

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    I know they make break away collars for cats for this very reason. You may want to check and see if they have anything like this for dogs.

    Accidents happen. You can't fault yourself for that. Now that your mindful of it, you can make sure it doesn't happen again.

    I'm glad your dogy is ok! :wavey:
  4. Sadly, a neighbor of mine learned this lesson the hard way, with an unsupervised adult rotty trying to jump a fence.. after that, no more collars period unless I was in the area
    BTW, most depressing first post ever
    Hi everyone!
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    One of my cats got her paw stuck in the wire mesh door of a crate. Considering how she was stuck, there was no way she was getting out without my help. It surely was not life threatening but scary nonetheless.


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