No .45ACP 1911s

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Ruggles, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. . . . i said it before . . . i'll say it again . . .

    i don't squat to pee . . . that's why i shoot a .45 ACP . . . either G21 or 1911G . . .

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  2. Purists are going to hate me for this, but ever since the 5.7x28 came out, I though it would make an awesome 1911 cartridge. Low recoil, flat shooting, and even single stack I bet you could get 10+ rounds in it.

  3. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Back in the 1980s-1990s, there was a wildcat round which was a necked down .45ACP to .22 caliber firing a spitzer bullet.
  4. clogspecialist

    clogspecialist 10-head

    Now THAT would reach some major velocity. I personally wouldn't want one, but it would be a bird or squirrels worst nightmare
  5. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    It would have been a body armor nightmare. I think that it was necked down to take the 5.56mm bullet.
  6. I have a 1911 in .45 ACP and .38 Super. I enjoy shooting them both. My current Super load will toss a 124 gr bullet at 1300 fps. Lots of fun!
  7. You just wanted us to see your Wilson...:whistling::wow:

    showoff.. :tongueout:
  8. Here are some pictures of 1911's from the Mexian Cartel's




  9. I have 2 nighthawk 1911's in 9MM and a colt delta elite 1911 in 10MM
  10. NDGlock

    NDGlock OIF2, KFOR12

  11. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil
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    I wonder how many of these abominations actually run.
  12. Love the Santa Muerte grips! LOL

    For a non-45 1911....I always refer to the Browning Hi-Power.

    It is very 1911-ish and it was designed to shoot the 9mm so it runs better than most 9mm 1911s.

    Besides, getting a 1911 and skipping out on the 45 is sort of like buying a Mustang or Camaro and getting the V6. Missing the whole point of said vehicle.

    - brickboy240

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