NK 'On Alert' to Attack US

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by aircarver, Mar 26, 2013.

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    The irony of your posts is staggering.

    Now your critisizing Libertarians because they're similar to Obama on certain issues, when it's you and the psuedo conservatives who always flock to Obama's defense when someone questions his drone policies.

    Libertarians and Liberals arent eating out of the same trough. Liberals are only anti-war when a republican is POTUS. Obama now arms rebels throughout, bombs Yemen, Pakistan and Libya and the Libs are silent.

    The psuedo conservatives and the liberals are the ones sharing a feeding trough, you both want the massive state to spend gigantic quantities of money on policing the world, while still having enough make sure SS checks come every month and Medicare obligations are upheld. Both Libs and Neocons are sucking the government titty dry and thus the taxpayer. If you want to see someone who has helped the Liberals in eating all the food out of the feeding trough, look in a mirror.

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  2. Try to be clever about it but the facts are just to straightforward and undeniable to be effectively spun.

    Obama and the Libertarians use the same words and blame US policies in identical ways. Neither really have the best interests of the Country or our security at heart.

    You simply can't dance away from the fact that they are hand-in-glove in their self-loathing of the US international position.

    It has nothing to do with "the Government titty" so don't try and deflect. That is just lip service to try and throw a conservative cover over a liberal view of America's place in the world, one identical to that of Obama.

  3. Lots of name calling and labelling going on there...some serious polarization too.

    "One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other." Saul Alinski
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    Sorry it's not up to your standards. Why do you always say I'm name calling? Did I call anyone a "stupid head" or a "dummie" in my previous post? I used the word "Liberal" and "psuedo conservative" to describe the two major political groups in America. Sorry if you consider that derrogitory, but until we come up with new names for them, thats what I'm calling them.
  5. EOS



    You claim I'm spinning the facts. But how can that be when you are willfully ignorant of what the facts are?

    Since when is cutting defense spending and closing down a few of the HUNDREDS of bases around the world "liberal". Conservatives of old would label you radical for such a position.

    Liberals are just as supportive of the militarism now that Obama is in charge of it, that is a fact.

    Policing the world isn't a conservative view as much as abstaining from it isn't a Liberal view. You are being gamed by a political circus meant to distract you while lobbyists and central bankers bleed us dry on world conquest. While the media spews manipulated BS meant to scare you and make you turn to the state for protection and thus grow it's power.

    The US has propped up various dictators for over 50 years while they terrorize and kill their own people. When those people realise who has been funding and operating their suffering, they understandably grow very angry with the US.(ie Iran hostage crisis) This perpetuates through generations and with every new country we invade more and more turn against the US. Understanding and admitting this isn't a "liberal" posistion, it's is simply being able to think critically past the American flag, and being able to think from other perspectives.
  6. Easy there big fella. I don't agree with all of your post, but I do agree with the broad premise. No you didn't call anybody a "stupid head," and I didn't mean to imply you said anything derogatory. I was referring to the broad grouping that occurs when one applies labels to "groups" that essentially polarizes, or isolates, the "groups" one doesn't 100% agree with. The implication then being that if they don't 100% align with ones ideology, they are the enemy. This is a very common occurence when uber-libertarians speak, and I think it hurts the cause of liberty. It turns people off rather than convince them to at least explore an idea. The radical progressives use the same tactic...isolate the enemy and pound on them. The enemy is picked based on the Alinski quote I used. It's not all or nothing...that will never get us anywhere close.

    Sorry. I didn't mean to ruffle your feathers there. I wasn't looking for an argument or really criticizing anything...just an observation is all.
  7. EOS



    I understand.

    But your observation of me is false.

    I've had arguments with other Libertarians who will argue with others in the liberty movement about 5% of the issues when they can agree on the other 95%. I am more than willing to work with others who share some of the same views to move forward towards a free society.

    What I won't do is compromise the very ideas we wish to bring forward. The militarism I spoke of above is one of the direct reasons why this country has drifted away from liberty and fiscal security. I pointed it out. If the same neoconservative wishes to cut entitlements then I will wholeheartedly support it. But when he advocates an equally destructive amount of spending in a different area, it's simply an obligation to the principles of liberty to bring it to light.
  8. steveksux

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    Perspective. The people who were tortured by the Shah's secret police in Iran had a different take on our support of the Shah than you.


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    Don't worry. You'll get your socialism security check.

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  10. Social security has nothing to do with the topic of this thread, but that shows me how accurate my estimation of your motives, as they relate to the thread topic, are.

    I am nor drawing nor do I expect to. But hat never stops you from throwing that out like a recording of a parrot, when the connection to your philosophy and that of Obama in international politics is brought up.

    The more you talk the more you reveal about your connection to liberal politics. The more you try your snide deflections the more you confirm it.
  11. The Persian students I was in college with in 1979 were terrified of the Shah being replaced by Islamic extremists.
  12. Ronny

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    They bet their chips on the wrong bully. lol If you're on the side doing the torturing now you obviously don't want the tables turned. Like in Iraq people cool with Saddam obviously had it good where as his political enemies simply disappear. Just like in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia right now. If you're cool with the King then you're golden but get on his wrong side and you disappear into some dungeon.
  13. Cavalry Doc

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    In that particular part of the world, it is simply normal for the party in power to do bad things to those that disagree with them. It ain't pretty, it ain't nice, but that's how things work in a lot of different places around the world. A pretty fair amount of dictators have lousy retirement prospects. They tend to be a clingy when it comes to power.
  14. +1 I agree.
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  16. The were going to college in the U.S. getting a "western" education and many of them were women who were afraid of Islamic extremism. Yes Jimmy Carter did the world, and those Muslims who wanted to join the rest of the world, a big favor.

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