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NJ gun laws expires??

Discussion in 'Tri State Glockers' started by APanektree, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,
    (The law EXPIRED FOR 6 months 5/17/07-11/13/07)
    I noticed that a while ago all the NJ gun laws expired for like a period of 6 months. I checked the internet everywhere for an explanation and never found one. All I found was rediculous stuff like they expired but they are enforcing them anyway?? That makes no sense, but ok. My research shows they expired for 6 months. During those 6 months, why didn't people stock up on all kinds of stuff? Why did everyone continue to follow the expired law? How did the government successfully prosecute someone for violating an expired law? I just love the only explanations I find are "This is NJ, they do what they want"?? That makes no sense. Your telling me that every single NJ citizen and gun shop just continued to follow an expired law? How would that law be enforced? Tell the jury they can convict anyways even though the laws expired? Do they just tell the jury, "well since we meant to re-new the law, it really still exists even if it doesn't"?? Can someone please give me a real explanation on how LEGALLY the NJ gun laws still applied during that expired period? I mean a real answer, not one that states this is jersey and that they can do whatever they want and the law basically means nothing. I want to know how those laws still applied in NJ and if they were truly expired why did people continue to follow them? and if they were truly expired, how could they prosecute someone for violating an expired law? Thank you
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  2. anyone have an answer to this? I guess I can assume that there were ZERO gun related prosecutions during these 6 months since the law was expired and therefore unenforceable? correct?? You can't prosecute someone under a law that didn't exist at the time of arrest.
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  3. Arc Angel

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    Sep 20, 2003
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    I'll be glad to answer. I mean, after all, I had to move out of this communist state and give up my home of more than 40 years in order to be able to keep my, 'evil black rifles' and, 'high capacity magazines'. I hear that lots of other gun owners didn't do what I did, though. They just moved all the recently classified, 'illegal stuff' to the back of the gun safe and stayed where they were presently living.

    The legal expiration tactic is usually applied to flagrantly unconstitutional gun laws (often enacted inside an hysterical political environment) in order to create the intellectual illusion of non-permanence and ostensible conformity with the Bill Of Rights. The state of New Jersey is so far away from compliance (obedience) with the Constitution of the United States that I truly don't know how the rule of law in New Jersey can, possibly, be justified?

    You see, when you come right down to it: 'Might really does make right;' and the people who have the guns really do make the laws! New Jersey is one of those states that has been getting away with violating its citizens constitutional rights for, literally, decades now. The need to further control and reduce, 'crime' is always the ostensibly justifiable excuse - Which, I will admit, is becoming increasingly more difficult to do in an increasingly Godless society that now prides itself on the diminution of all religious principals in favor of: civil rights, social equality, and, 'the rule of law'.

    (I mean, is this, 'the devil's world' - or what!) :devildance:

    It's becoming more and more obvious that there are three political exigencies which American citizens are being strongly encouraged to adopt: (1) NOT to subscribe to Judeo-Christian faith, (2) NOT to own a gun, and NOT to engage in any acts of physical self-defense. In these regards New Jersey and its companion state of New York are in the forefront of, 'progressive change' in America. (Like the man said, 'Forward!' The only question is, 'Where?') :freak:
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    Feb 1, 2005
    I don't know anything about these laws "expiring", however I will add this. Unlike many states, NJ has no Grandfather clause in their AWB. So if you were to buy anything covered by the AWB during a small window where the law "expired", it would instantly become illegal to own once the law was renewed.

    Born and raised in NJ. Escaped 9 years ago (almost to the day, as we moved around labor day :cheers: )