NJ Confiscation 'on the table'

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  1. Rec'd last night from NJ NRA Branch. NJ Confiscation 'on the table!

    By Evan F. Nappen, Attorney at Law (Exclusive to ANJRPC)

    Out of the 23 bills recently filed in New Jersey, three dealing with mental health evaluations as a condition of issuance of FID cards contain potential severe unintended consequences that could invalidate every FID card in the state. They are A3688 (sponsors: Mainor and Jimenez), A3667 (sponsors: Cryan, O'Donnell, and Jasey) and A3676 (sponsor: Jimenez.)

    All three of these bills require a mental health evaluation approved by the Superintendent of State police as a condition for issuance of a New Jersey Firearms Purchaser ID card under N.J.S. 2C:58-3c. Failure to do so is explicitly a "disability” under N.J.S. 2C:58-3c
    A3676 also requires a privacy invading in-home inspection as a condition for issuance of an FID card, and A3688 requires submission of a list of household members with mental illness to the police to receive an FID card. Failure to obey these requirements are also explicitly "disabilities” under N.J.S. 2C:58-3c.

    New Jersey law provides that an FID card is void if the holder becomes subject to a "disability.” Accordingly, if these bills take effect, ALL persons already holding an FID card who have not had the home inspection, psychological evaluation, or provided the list of household members (and thereby overcome the "disabilities” imposed by the legislation) MUST TURN IN their Firearms ID card to the Police. The turn in must be done within 5 days by law or face prosecution for 4th Degree Crime (Felony -18 months prison time.)


    These three bills have the potential to void every FID card in the state, and require their immediate return!

    See for yourself. The law under NJS 58-3f. states:

    "A firearms purchaser identification card shall be valid until such time as the holder becomes subject to any of the disabilities set forth in subsection c. of this section, whereupon the card shall be void and shall be returned within five days by the holder to the superintendent, who shall then advise the licensing authority. Failure of the holder to return the firearms purchaser identification card to the superintendent within the said five days shall be an offense under subsection a. of N.J.S.2C:39-10.”


    ANJRPC will continue to monitor this legislation (along with the dozens of others being monitored) and will alert you and request action on your part at key points in the legislative process.

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  3. I guess they will have to take the governors firearms because of mental illness in the family.

  4. Liberal states, with the backing of this administration, are 'trampling' the constitution with impunity. They are just doing whatever they want and 'daring' anyone to try and do something about it!
  5. Well stand up and fight or loose your right to own, posses-I know you already lost the right to carry! Or better yet move! Vote with your money! If 10,000 or 100,000 people up and moved away then the only people left are the criminals let them go steal,kill the liberals!
    Win Win!:rofl:
  6. Even the liberal judges would have a hard time ignoring the unconstitutional issues this proposed law contains...Plus other federal courts would throw it out as well....
  7. And that anti-gun fat **** they have for a governor will gladly sign it.
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  8. WT

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    So, my take on this is that they can revoke your identification card but you keep your firearms.
  9. jeanderson

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    New Jersey: Another state I would never live in.
  10. In NJ, no FID Card = no firearms
  11. One of our nations finest was announced to be mania/depressive, and I think he will be resigning soon, but in the meantime should he come over for tea, just what should a new jerseyite do? Get rid of your guns? Report Jessie to the police? Oh gee now we have to be mental health inspectors and diagnosis the mental health of all our family members, and of course all motherinlaws are mentally ill!! And if you pick up some floozie in the bar-forgetaboutit.
    Heck, sometimes it's hard enough to find women, and now they have to be normal as well?..... Just kidding!
  12. I cannot tell you the contempt I have for NJ politics. They still have local magistrates decide who gets a carry permit. If you're rich or famous there's no problem.
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  13. Very sad.

    NJ is continuing to earn her reputation as the most corrupt state in our nation.

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