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Nikon D70 or D100

Discussion in 'Through-the-Lens Club' started by AWMP, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. AWMP


    Apr 28, 2003
    I know the megapixels are different, but I have heard the D100 just felt a little better, how is that for a technical rating.
    New to SLR Digital and been reading everything I can get my hands on.
    Which one? Or Different SLR? thanks
  2. I do not remember where but somewhere on the dpreview Nikon D70 forum the general comment was that the D70 was superior to the D100, at least in some aspects. Maybe it was in one of the early reviews of the D70.


  3. Jaegergirl

    Jaegergirl Proud2BAmerican

    Apr 24, 2004
    we recently purchased the d70 after several weeks of research. my husband, who is the photography buff in the family, felt the difference between the two were not important enough to spend the extra $$ on the d100. he also read in the dpreview forum that the d70 was better in some respects, as general sherman pointed out. we are very pleased with the d70. :)
  4. bobby_w

    bobby_w Alienigena Platinum Member

    Nov 10, 2001
    South of Houston
    We have a D70 and it really works good. The D70 has more feature than the D100 only because it came along later. You can bet the next D100 upgraded version will have more features on its release.

    The D100 is a little more rugged than the D70. The D70 has more plastic.
  5. Ducman


    Oct 26, 2003
    I have been very happy with my D70 if that helps any :)
  6. AWMP


    Apr 28, 2003
    The only two things I dont like about the D70 is the body does'nt seem to be very rugged and you can't put a grip on the camera. I do like the 8 mega.
  7. Guest

    Here is a list I found in a photo forum:

    D100 captures True colour rather than memory colour therefore the D100 colours are less saturated

    D100 has less processing on the picture therfore the end result is better to work on. However the D70 gives you immediately pleasing results. eg D100 for wedding photographers will make the whites whiter than the D70.

    D100 has uncompressed RAW files comparedto the D70 which does not.

    D100 is built for professional use and has a metal body and a better shutter.

    D100 you can use AA batteries with the MB-D100 Multi funtion battery grip.

    MB-D100 also gives you a side shutter release and controls. The grip also balances the camera better for using bigger AF-S lenses.

    D100 supports DX Speedlights with TTL. D70 only supports the new SB800 and SB600.

    D100 viewfinder has more eye relief and a full reflex prism as opposed to a mirror, thereby giving a broader field of view.

    On the D100 it's also possible to turn off the flash assist light.

    D100 associates Tiff files.

    Personally, the build quality and the ability to use RAW files is why I still own a D100 and not gone out and bought a D70. I also have a D1 and a D2H. Different tools for different situations,
  8. hwyhobo


    Jun 3, 2003
    Silicon Valley
    Not sure what you mean by "true" vs. "memory". Both D100 and D70 can use Adobe RGB colorspace. Is it something else you are referring to?
    D70 has RAW NEF files. They are compressed, but it is a lossless compression. Curious, why would that make a difference to you?

    I am not defending D70 vs. D100. I own neither, but am interested in others' opinions.
  9. fade2black

    fade2black USMC Veteran

    Apr 3, 2003
    Don't know how true this is, white is white as long as the white balance is set correctly. I have never seen my D70 ever "process" any white balance setting.
    Like hwyhobo said, the D70 has RAW NEF.
    I see this as pointless. That camera would absolutely destroy AA batteries. Any real photographer carries multiple EN-EL3 batteries for either of these cameras anyway.
    One is being developed as we (write) for the D70 by a 3rd party company that utilizes two of the EN-EL3 batteries.
    You can use the DX Speedlights with the D70 but you lose TTL.
    To my knowledge all Nikon DSLR cameras have the 1.5 field of view factor and are all the same.
    You can do this with the D70 in the advanced features in the setup.
    I agree with the build quality and have to say that the D100 is more of a "professional level" camera, but only for that reason. IMO, they are pretty darn close in everything but price. If you have a D100, I don't know why you would go buy a D70 anyway. Go get a D2x! ;f

    The D70 has a faster shutter (1/8000 vs 1/4000), faster continuous mode (3fps vs 2.5), larger buffer, MUCH fast flash sync (1/500 vs 1/180), and a few other convenience type things. The D100 does have better autofocus and metering (I think).
  10. Guest

    True the D70 does have RAW NEF, it's compressed RAW NEF. The D100 has an option of compressed or uncompressed. The advantage of uncompressed is that the image will write faster onto your CF card. It takes longer for the camera to compress the image and then write it to a card. How much longer? I don't know but, it is noticable.

    I agree, we all want to be well prepared but, let's say you are in the field. Your EN-EL3s die (this will happen faster in colder climates). You do not have any spares and you are miles away from your charger and you are days before you can charge batteries... your option with a D100... AA batteries. Your option with the D70... none.

    It may not seem like this is too big of a deal but, I went through this situation where my SB28 mated with my D1 did not allow me to use TTL. Now that I use a D2H with an SB800... All I can say is TTL is a wonderful feature.

    True, Nikon DSLRs have a 1.5x focal length factor meaning your 50mm lens becomes a 75mm lens. But, the Eye Point of the two cameras are different. The eye point on the D70 is 18mm while the D100 is 24mm (which is excellent). A higher eye point allows for a brighter viewfinder and provides a more accurate viewfinder meaning, what you see in your viewfinder is what you get on the image. In addition, a higher eye point allows you to keep your eye physically a bit further away from the viewfinder and still allows for a bright view. This is very helpful to eye glass wearers.

    I agree with the build quality and have to say that the D100 is more of a "professional level" camera, but only for that reason. IMO, they are pretty darn close in everything but price. If you have a D100, I don't know why you would go buy a D70 anyway. Go get a D2x!

    I agree. I personally do not need all the MP the D2X has to offer. The 6.1 on the D100 is plenty for me.

    I am not trying to say the D100 is better than the D70 or vice versa. I was expressing my opinion and experiences. Both cameras are great tools.
  11. fade2black

    fade2black USMC Veteran

    Apr 3, 2003
    Me too :) You can't go wrong with ANY Nikon IMO.
  12. Guest

    My kind of guy!!!:) ;f

    Nikon is simply the BEST! I've had several film bodies ranging from the F3HP, N90s, F4s, and F5 to the digital bodies D1, D100, and D2H. All my glass have been Nikkors and they have all served me very well through the years. I agree that you cannot go wrong with either digital bodies but, if I can make one simple suggestion... please stick to Nikon lenses. Why buy a $1000-$1500 body just to put a $200 non-Nikon lens.
  13. T. Harless

    T. Harless

    Jan 14, 2003
    I take exception to that. I am a "real" (read: pays my bills) photographer and one of the selling points of the D100 was the ability to use AA batteries in the vertical grip. One of my clients pretty much gave me a D1x and all the glass I could use but I wouldn't consider going out the door without two spare charged batteries. The D100 will go for weeks. Yes weeks and if it does crap out the same folks keep me in AAs. I use their D1x to carry the other lens.