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Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by mgentry, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. What would you put on your AK to improve the night capability of the rifle? Optics? sights? What? Thanks!

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  3. HWI


    No budget?
    Night vision.

    Flashlight and red dot and/or tritium irons.

  4. H&K .45 AUTO

    H&K .45 AUTO 10-42

    Flashlight, red-dot, tritium front post.
  5. [​IMG]

    Quality red dot and light. If nothing else---a light. You will be able to use your sights if you only have a light; they'll just appear silhouetted but a red dot is much easier.
  6. WayaX

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    You can't hit what you can't see (at least, not without firing randomly into the night). The white light is the most important piece of night-time gear you can have for self/home-defense. Night vision is a poor choice for home defense, as it takes time to put-on, and allows you to be easily be blinded if an intruder has/turns-on a light or you accidentally by instinct turn on a house light. The white-light can also be used to temporarily blind or disorient. A red-dot is nice, but as plouffedaddy mentions, the light is enough.

    And yes, I know the OP didn't specifically mention home-defense.
  7. +1

    What type of mount or rail system do you have?
  8. This:

    we had some hinky stuff going on at night here so i set up my backup AK for nitetime use, SGL-21, Rakurs tritium powered optic, SF M951 with Malkoff drop in LED. Works like a charm for low light use.
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  10. I didn't have my AK a month before I realized I liked it better for HD than my AR. I ordered a UltiMAK (from Primary Arms) and a Thorntail light mount (from IWC). As soon as they came in I threw my Aimpoint H1 on top of it and my Thorntail with my Surefire G2 LED. I took it to the range and got the RD sighted-in. Simple. Sweet. And seemd fairly rugged. I really like the RD forward more than on top of the receiver.
  11. That looks like a lot of fun. I love my Sgl's but throw some night vision on and it is a new level of awesome.
  12. I use a Midwest Industries quad rail, with a Surefire light and an Aimpoint T-1.
  13. if you need a cheap solution and really don't need anything beyond close encounters a barrel clamp with a small light is fine by me.i keep breaking streamlights so i'm going to upgrade to surefire.the utg mount is holding fine tho.i'm cheap o.k?

    i would say the next step up would be a more powerful light an a red a rail or a barrel clamp ultimac or rs product mount.aimpoint or primary arms red dot depending on durability needs/price.

    after that your in magnified scope and nightvision land.stuff i know nothing about.
  14. I was looking for the capability to hit a target in the night /darkness - to be able to sight my weapon on a target - Not necessarily in the house.
  15. That's what I set-up my AK for. However mine is used from time to time in the back field. The coyotes roll through from time to time and upset the dogs.What type of money are you able to spend? If you don't want to spend much look at the packages from Primary Arms. If you are able to spend a little more, lLook at Ultimak, Aimpoint micro, and bright white light. With the micro 200m shots are fairly easy with a little practice.
  16. NH Trucker

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    It's AK-ish... But it works :thumbsup:
  17. For dead of night, pitch black, etc. you're pretty much going to need NV technology. For low-light/dusk/dawn, etc. conditions a red dot or a scope with an illuminated reticle is pretty much what you want. For both of the above you pretty much want some kind of flash hider as well, if anything to prevent night blindness.
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    "AK's belong in the hands of the military,,not on U.S. streets."

  19. But it's ok to have an AR?
  20. ?????

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