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Nice Home Defense

Discussion in 'Indiana Glockers' started by IPDBrad, May 14, 2007.


    Homeowner fatally shoots burglar

    By Vic Ryckaert

    A homeowner shot and killed a burglar Sunday inside a Near Northside home, police said.

    Wilbur Carson, 61, shot and killed intruder Wilbur Copeland, 42, in a home in the 3100 block of North Park Avenue at 11:27 p.m., Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Sgt. Matthew Mount said.

    The intruder entered Carson’s home through an upstairs window, Mount said. Carson confronted the burglar and fired a .22-caliber rifle.

    Copeland, 3300 block of North Park, died of a gunshot to the chest, according to the Marion County coroner’s office. Copeland was not armed, Mount said.

    Carson has not been arrested.

    Call Star reporter Vic Ryckaert at (317) 444-2761.
  2. KSFreeman

    KSFreeman Broken Member

    Jul 10, 2001
    Lafayette, Indiana
    Does one have to be named Wilbur before you allowed to move into that neighborhood?

  3. minuteman32

    minuteman32 NRA & GOA Life

    Aug 20, 2004
    Central IN.
    "..... and that talking horse ya rode in on!" were his last words?!:rofl:
  4. Snowman92D


    Oct 6, 2001
    Cha-chiiinnnng...! :bluesbrothers:
  5. minuteman32

    minuteman32 NRA & GOA Life

    Aug 20, 2004
    Central IN.
    Julia (Carson)is probably just MORTIFIED that another "Carson" migh have had a GUN & used it for lawful self defense!

    That is, except for one of her corrupt, criminal grandkids that she schmoozes onto some LE agency .... like the Excise Police! Hmmm
  6. R. Emmelman

    R. Emmelman Tired Member

    .22-caliber rifle :wow:

    So much for the "is bigger better" discussions......
  7. Dyerbill


    Apr 15, 2006
    NW In

    I love my 22's:banana:
  8. Ignition

    Ignition Insanityville

    Dec 5, 2004
    Cherry Point NC
    then again some ppl believe if they have been shot that they will die and there is no help.... their mind lets them die of a non-fatal gsw
  9. Loucks


    May 11, 2007
    Central Indiana
    While that's a valid point, it was a rifle. That long barrel adds quite a bit of velocity.

    The only .22 caliber weapon I'd feel comfortable defending my home with comes with 30-round magazines, black furniture, and Sarah Brady's complete disapproval. :supergrin:
  10. R. Emmelman

    R. Emmelman Tired Member

    Placement is everything. I have heard of people being killed with the old brass BB type of gun. All depends on where you hit them.
  11. epsylum

    epsylum Boolit Hoze

    Sep 4, 2004
    Racing Capital, USA
    If this is the same guy on the news, he threatened to cut a reporter with a "switchblade" and the intruder was his "drinking buddy".

    Just from the interview, he is not the kind of guy we want to be holding up as a fine example.

    That being said, if he was robbing his house, he deserved to get shot.