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Next Appleseed

Discussion in 'Michigan Glockers' started by mac66, May 9, 2012.

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    Come on you Michigan Glockers, put that pistol down for a minute and come learn some revolutionary war history and great rifle marksmanship. Appleseed is family friendly, a lot of fun and you will learn some mad skills with a rifle.

    Our next Appleseed event is May 26 & 27 in Bellevue MI near Battle Creek. Nice range and they serve lunch in the club house.

    Next we have an Appleseed at the Houghton Lake Sportsman's Club if you happen to be be up north in the Houghton Lake/Roscommon county area on June 2 & 3.

    Closer to the Detroit area, we are at Fenton Lakes Sportsman's Club on June 16 & 17

    We are always looking for new ranges for Appleseed. If you know of one that might be interested and have a contact there, let me know. If we get in, there is 4 free shoot passes in it for you.

    The current schedule... ... e=Michigan
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