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Newbie wants to get into the hobby

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by chipglock, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. chipglock


    Oct 5, 2004
    makati, phils
    Good Day Gentlemen,

    For the past days ive been reading through this forum and I have found it very enlightening. I am thinking of taking this up as a hobby and for protection as well. I have already visited MCS and gotten the lowdown on what Ill need as a private employee for the owners license. As for the gun, I have yet to fire one, so I dont know which i fancy, I however am leaning towards the glock 19.
    What else do i need to do? What clubs can you recommend I join? Do you recommend I take safety seminars? Take note, i have totally no knowledge of firearms, aside from the ROTC wooden gun hehehe

    Thank you for your replies sirs :)
  2. zorkd


    Sep 2, 2004
    while the PNP FED safety course is better than none, I would suggest you take a safety course from any seasoned shooter from this forum or elsewhere.

    maybe show up for the next shoot meet.

    your choice of the glock 19 is a good one, as long as you can comfortably shoot it accurately.

    i like a 1911 better, but that's personal preference.

    i am not a competition shooter, and wouldn't really say i am a seasoned one either, but i'd be more than happy to show and teach you what i have learned in the 12 years i have been handling pistols and rifles.

    i regularly show up at the armscor range in parang marikina, message me if you are interested in meeting up.

    afaik though, not a lot of BOGs go there...i might be wrong though.

  3. mikey177

    mikey177 Remember

    Jan 28, 2003
    hello, chipglock. welcome to the BoG Forum.

    You should preferably join a club that is close to your residence or place of work so it will be more convenient for you to practice frequently.

    If you're near Marikina, a number of BoGs practice at the Armscor range during the weekends. Just inquire with 9MX, ppts799 and others if you could join them during one of their sessions. If you're near Frisco in Quezon City, I can strongly recommend PB Dionisio, where Doc Eye_Cutter can usually be found. If you're in Pangasinan, just look me up and we can shoot my air rifle in the backyard :)
  4. Valor1

    Valor1 Pro Paingiver

    Jul 6, 2003
    Urban areas

    Your choice for your first gun (with emphasis on FIRST) is great. It is good value for money, easy to maintain and goes bang all the time. Parts are easily acquired and you can easily install them yourself. Your gunsmith won't get rich from you and you can always invite us to tweak your pistol over a cup of Starbucks or bottle of San Mig.

    Although the FED Gun Safety Seminar is a true waste of time but required, I'll suggest you take it. It is like watching a B-movie that needs more fudns to make production more worthwhile. Since you'll be paying for one, might as well join it for the first time.

    Join a gun club and you'll learn a lot from its members and range officers. Don't buy too much accessories yet. You may just dump them later. I suggest buy magazines, a good holster (inside the waistband and outside, locally made ones are good in Marikina), lots of practice ammo but don't use reloads on your stock glock (it is not recommended). If you are to use reloads, buy an aftermarket barrel (like KKM Precision, Barsto, Federal, etc.).

    Shoot a lot. Shooting a lot is the only way you'll get familiar with a gun and get better too. Stay safe and practice keeping our finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Even seasoned shooters sometimes forget. Stay safe.
  5. flyboy 1

    flyboy 1 Sir Yes Sir!!

    A bunch of us will be shooting this coming Sunday afternoon at Armscor (myself, Deenoh, Homogenizer, ppts, 9mx, etc.) We'll see you guys there if you're available. Baka mag blow-out si Deenoh dahil birthday niya a few days ago!! ;f
  6. one_eye_kirat


    Jul 25, 2004
    If ever you plan of getting serious with shooting and join the ipsc matches later on, I'd strongly suggest that you get glock 17 instead of glock 19. The only difference between them is the latter is compact. Don't get accessories that won't be allowed in IPSC. It'll only be a waste of money unless you've got the money to burn.
  7. Eye Cutter

    Eye Cutter Moderator

    Nov 21, 2002
    Dr. B. Eye
    Ditto with one_eye. get the Glock 17 instead. best all around pistol for defense/carry and competition.
  8. zorkd


    Sep 2, 2004
    sounds good, i'll see if i can make it, i sure would love to meet you guys.

    ppts, if the flashlight will be ready na by then, that would be great, i'll just pay you sa ASRI.
  9. agentrod


    Jan 12, 2004
    Looks like MCS is accessible to you. Try inquiring at Northstar indoor range, I believe they can rent you out a pistol (for a fee) and the RO's there can assist you. Tell them honestly na its you're 1st time to fire, I'm sure they will help you out
  10. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Nov 14, 2001
    Delta Quadrant
    Try to send Deenoh a private message. I think they have very good offers on Glocks and licensing services.

    Ditto on the advice re getting the 17. Can't go wrong with that.

    Welcome to the BoGs!
  11. chipglock


    Oct 5, 2004
    makati, phils
    Thanks for all the replies sirs. Nagaganahan na ako and I cant wait to meet up with you guys so you can show me the ropes so to speak :) And possibly be part of this tightly-knit responsible community.
    Yes, I reside in the makati area, very near makati med, so I guess its northstar for the meantime. I will however, try to attend your shooting days in QC and Marikina once di na ako masyado mapapahiya :p
    So I guess first on the agenda is to get the seminar out of the way and decide on a FIRST gun. Hmm i was dead set on the 19 but your comments are convincing me otherwise, keep them coming please. :) I think personal experience from you people is a hundred times more important than what the specs say on paper.
    As for competing, well I dont have any plans yet pero baka naman maganahan ako when I see you guys in action hehehe But for now, its more of a personal safety and hobby thing with me.

    Cheers gentlemen, keep them coming :)
  12. mikey177

    mikey177 Remember

    Jan 28, 2003

    Huwag ka na mahiya. If you can make it, go to Armscor this Sunday to meet the other BoGs. They'd be more than willing to give you initial pointers on shooting and safety and afterward, let you try their different guns so you'll have a better idea of what you really want. Heck, I'll be in QC too on that weekend and I'd jump at the chance to go if my schedule allowed it.
  13. SMBeerDealer

    SMBeerDealer Member

    Sep 22, 2004
    Lytham St Annes, UK
    Welcome to BoGs Chipglock!

    I'm a new shooter too and these guys have helped me a lot. Met quite a few of them at the Armscor range a few weeks ago at the de Leon Cup and some more at BRPG last weekend. Even got my full rig courtesy of Eye Cutter. Lots of tips to be had from this bunch.

    Everyone helps out everybody here. Thanks guys.

    Happy and safe shooting. Kampai! ;Y
  14. ppts799

    ppts799 Daisho

    Oct 12, 2002
    welcome chipglock!! you are very welcome to join us this sunday. i think we are meeting up around 2pm at armscor.

    call deenoh or text him. wsc P43,300 for G19 or G17, includes processing fee.
  15. mc_oliver


    Feb 21, 2002
    ...who knows, baka akala mo lang gusto mo glock pero all-steel pala hanap-hanap ng kamay mo. ;);f

  16. deenoh


    Feb 3, 2003
    Chipglock, if you are interested in either the Glock 17 and 19, give me a call tomorrow or Saturday, 6877607 or 6877973. Our company has dropped it prices on the 17 and 19. I might be able to interest you in getting one. Just look for me.

    Hope to see you on Sunday!

    Welcome to the BOGs
  17. vega


    Sep 29, 2001
    chipglock - Welcome to the forum. Nice decision you made there on jumping the band wagon. Oh, good decision too on the choice of pistol.

    Regarding competition, that's what I said too when I bought my first pistol, just for self defense but my buddies won't hear any of it. They taught me he basic then sabak na when Sunday came.

    After the first run tanggal na ang kaba. Can't wait fot the second stage. Hope you can make it this Sunday and meet these great guys.

  18. jjserv


    Aug 17, 2002
    Welcome chipglock. Still a lot of non-IPDA or IPSC competing BOGs here. You will surely feel at home almost immediately... see you in the upcoming group activities...;F
  19. doctabako

    doctabako Gun Aficionado

    Aug 11, 2003

    ;F to BOGs and the wonderful(and expensive) world of firearms hobbyists. I'm sure your contemplated Glock will only be the first of many.:)