Newbie from Maryland!

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  1. Hello all:

    Just wanted to say hello & introduce myself to the other members. Grew up farming in the great state of North Carolina (go Heels!) & starting shooting/hunting when I was around 8 years old (.410 then to 12 gauge & finally .30-30). I purchased my first firearm last year, a Gen 3 G19 that I absolutely love! As soon as the "pandemonium" settles, I'll be picking up a 26.

    Again, just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. All the best & happy shooting!


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  2. Welcome to the forum!

  3. Welcome "Free" Stater. I have been keeping an eye on Annapolis and do NOT like what I see! Look at the soon-to-be-banned list and pick the things you gotta have and get them before the hammer drops...when...October 1st?
  4. It will definitely get much more interesting as time passes....I purchased 2 additional 15 round mags this week.....
  5. Butcher

    Butcher NRA Life Member

    Welcome fellow MD shooter. Make sure to check out and

    Also in our stupid state we are allowed to possess any mag we want, but you can't buy "high cap" mags, sell them, offer them for sale, trade them, or manufacture them. Meaning you can go to PA/VA/DE/WV gun shows to buy them for personal use then come home with new legal to own "high cap mags"

    Also senate bill 281 passed the House today. Governor will sign into law soon. Buy your "assault weapons" ASAP

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  6. :welcome: Enjoy GT....................
  7. MDLibertarian

    MDLibertarian NRA Life Member

    :welcome: from HoCo!
  8. Glock30Eric

    Glock30Eric .45 ACP

    Welcome and please contact your representatives in MD to reject all anti-gun laws.

    MD just passed the most strictest anti-gun law and that has an impact on your gun as well.
  9. Python-Hunter

    Python-Hunter NRA Life Member

    Welcome to GT from Illinois! Enjoy! :welcome:
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  10. im in md too. finally got my g19 a couple days ago after 3 months of searching. this new law has everyone buying up what they can.
  11. Butcher

    Butcher NRA Life Member

    Yeah man. And the wait period is ridiculous. I've been waiting 50+ days so far for my last pistol

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  12. oily_oink

    oily_oink ###########

    :welcome: From Michigan!

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