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    Correct. You are not a lobby, but police agencies and police unions do lobby legislatures all the time for legislation you would like to see enacted for the benefit of police officers.

    Too often when it comes to gun rights, your lobbying stops with leos and leaves out the rest of us.

    Just like with the 2004 nationwide ccw for active/retired leos and NYS efforts to exempt themselves from the 7 round magazine limit.

    I am sure others here can cite other examples as well.

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    I understand your point about individual leos speaking out in an official capacity, but as Grimlet stated you belong to police organizations that represent your interest. Grimlet is asking you to contact those reps to amend leosa so the police are not affected by magazine limits. Which is exactly what I'm talking about. Passing exemptions for the police and not fighting for gun rights in general so there wouldn't be a need for an exemption in the first place.

  3. The NRA is much more powerful than any police association. They have more money. More connection. More juice. Really.

    And thank you for your past support of, and financial contributions to, LE associations. And all your future support as well. Really.
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    Yes. Exactly what I am talking about.
    Thank you.

  6. I would hope you are discerning enough to see that I am posting akin to reporting like a fly on the wall, and not my own thoughts.

    Please tell me you at least get this.:faint:

  7. Yes, yes, yes. I don't associate you with the likes of Cuomo, Bloomberg or any other politician.

    I'm just noting that their logic flow on issues is the same as the logic flow from some GNG posters. Which is, there's no logic flow. And also, the issues are different.
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    Last time I checked leos could ccw nationwide. The average gun owner could not.
  9. :phew:

    I'd much rather you accuse me of fondling farm animals than that I have an affinity for Bloomberg et al.

    I am thinking about writing a letter to the NYT, to ask them if they would publish an "open letter" to His Royal Majesty, The Rt. Honorable Andrew M. Coumo. It would be about 4-5 paragraphs long, would piss off some gun owners, and be lost on mostly anyone south of I-84 and again south of I-495.
  10. If that were the case, the NRA would have been able to sway Congress as LE did to enact HR218.

    In all the noise, thank you (everybody except Patchman :supergrin:) for doing a thankless, demoralizing job. I've tried to instill in my offspring a healthy respect and appreciation for public "servants", and especially for LE.

    - G
  11. Hey, if any of your off springs want to better themselves by become a LEO, so they can better themselves socially (not economically-that's what your estate is for), let me know. I'll gladly call whatever agency they're applying for and put in a good word.
  12. Immediately after 9/11/2001, both President Bush and Congress knew what was right, and did right. Just goes to show, money can't always buy congress all the time, on all issues.

    Sorry, but talk to the NRA about it.

    Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day


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  15. Nope, just trying to make our politicians and public servants live up to the 14th amendment. :wavey:

    Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day

  16. I wonder if the exemption would/is going to cover just duty weapons or all of our Weapons and what about our AR's and could we purchase new ar's and Hi Caps 10 or more rounds.

    And I must say I I would like to see the mag and AR restrictions lifted for everyone not just LE.
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    1. The JBT's

    I don't know about the others here but I cannot use my position for personal gain or political favoritism nor can I advocate for or on behalf of something in any type of association with my employment. We have public information officers for that.

    Bosses can say what they want but they have a different dog in the fight than Joe beatcop.

    It is what it is. I'm fighting it as a citizen... just like everyone else.
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    1. The JBT's

    You are so ignorant it makes my cats taint itch.
  19. Professor, you don't pay nearly enough taxes to turn your public servants into your advocates.
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    Sorry double and fixed

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