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    Why would LEOSA apply to retired NJ cops within NJ?

    I thought LEOSA addressed interstate travel of retired and active police officers. Since retired NJ cops living in NJ obviously is not an interstate travel thing I don't see where the federal law applies.

    That said, I cannot believe a retired NJ cop carrying his NJ concealed carry permit is going to get jammed up for carrying HPs.

    Maybe a Garden State cop could chime in with his understandings?

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  2. If you have hardware you want but is now illegal, send it to a relative or trusted friend out of state or hide it until this nonsense is repealed when the impending control of the legislature shifts back to R.

    One of the female NY sens., I think maybe Marchione?, has a petition on her .gov site.

    None of us can believe and are literally sick over it. All of my LE cronies and friends have spent the last week calling and emailing the reps here obviously to no avail. The ban and mag cap components of this trash are so painfully misdirected and ill-conceived by this shmuck of unrivaled caliber (Gov) it frustrates me to the point of pain.

    Do a youtube search for Sen. Greg Ball's comments at the session Monday - made me proud to be in his district. Same guy who is leading the charge against the Journal News' publishing of the permit holder map.

    ETA: Sen. Marchione's petition for repeal

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    Looking at some NJ websites.

    From the NJSP website
    "It should also be noted that, as civilians, retired officers cannot legally carry hollow-point ammunition or utilize high-capacity ammunition magazines (capable of holding more than 15 rounds of ammunition) in the handgun they are carrying."

    Other websites state that they are looking for some NJ retiree to step up and be a test case. Any volunteers?
  4. You don't need to have a test case. Just present a case legislativley. Have all the facts on the retired LEO's training, the fact that HP's are more effective and less likely to pass through the suspect and injuring an innocent person.

    Besides I can't speak for everyone but when I'm off duty I am a civillian!
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    Because that's part of what it does. It governs off duty, off reservation, and retired carry. For federal law enforcement, it doesn't give them anything they don't already have until retirement.
  6. Can't speak to the credibility of the source but I hear there's already an addendum in composition addressing LEOs and this new legislation.

    And correct as someone else noted, LEOSA does not address mags so retired MOS thereunder are subject to this nonsense. If you have a 10rd mag you can only load it with 7. Seriously?
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  7. Here it is.......

    Please, please, please take a look at this one as well.......It's a lengthy, but worth it...It's the NYS Legislature in action and take note of the :20 second and 13:50 mark......:shocked:

    GRIMLET Deceased

    Guys, I was waiting for the congressional proposals to be announced. Today they have.

    I encourage everyone covered under LEOSA to contact their congressmen AND their PBA, FOP or other LE organization. We all pay dues but rarely need them, if ever.
    We NEED their political power NOW.
    Their phone number is probably on the card with your membership number on it.

    What we need is a change in LEOSA which would allow "high capacity" magazines to be utilized by off duty and retired LE already covered under LEOSA.

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  9. Absolutely.

    Between condemning the AYEs and praising the NAYs on this legislation this contact campaign is becoming a full time job for me. Jesus.

    GRIMLET Deceased

    I just sent an email to the SSPBA.

    The president is Mr. Tommy Simpson. He is a good man.

    I encourage ALL SSPBA members to email him at

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  11. Did same to FOP.
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  12. Gallium


  13. Do you mean apropos a handgun that could be construed to be an AW? Or do you mean LEOSA re AW? If the latter, does not address AW in the conventional reference.

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    Good Lord. The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home, indeed. How is it that the unions and professional LEO organizations weren't able to get the LEO exceptions written into the original law? No suction or just no time?

    No trips to the Northeast for me, unless or until I gets me a decent wheelgun.
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  15. Gallium


    Police officers are exempt from the licensing statute.
    Peace depends. :)

    NY retired police and peace officers = Red haired step children with leprosy.

    Out of state LE and out of state retired LE = no problem to active duty LE, but viewed with deep suspicion and cynicism by Bloomberg, et al.
  16. Same here. Just penned a letter to my local lodge and will also forward to the National.
  17. The more I think of this he more pissed I get.

    Gallium what do you mean by this?

    Police officers are exempt from the licensing statute.
    Peace depends.
  18. Gallium


    Are you a peace officer in NY? If yes, then you know that depending on your agency, you may, or may not be allowed to carry on your credentials off duty. There are A TON of "peace officer" designations in NY. A few years back it was ridiculously easy to create an agency with peace officers (the classic case was the dude from Yonkers who started a version of the ASPCA, and was doling out peace officer status to his cronies).

    It really does depend on your agency if you are a peace officer.

    Article 265 has always provided blanket exemption to police officers (on or off duty), and granular exemption to peace officers.

    I am not a cop or a peace officer.
  19. I Am a Cert LEO, We do have some Peace Officers in our county also.
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    That doesn't help you when you are sitting in the county jail with a $50,000 bail because some country prosecutor has decided you need to be made an example of. You may win in the end, but at what cost. I have read the state AG will address the LEOSA HP issue in NJ at some point.
    In the mean time, use Critical Defense ammo, that what the NJSP tells it retiring troopers to use.
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