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New Year in Vegas

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by VICARA, Jan 1, 2007.



    Jul 13, 2005
    SJ/The Sin City
    Its 2007! May the FORCE be with you all at the start of the year and may your dream(s) becomes a reality.

    Sana po'y manitili ang tibay ng pananampalataya natin at tayoy patnubayan at laging ligtas sa lahat ng uri ng kapahamakan sa pagpasok ng taon at sana lalo pa tayong pagpapalain sa ating araw araw na paghahanapbuhay.

    So, whats your New Year's resolution?

    WE drove to Vegas on the 27th and spent the New Year here. We we're at the strip early last night but have to get out before the countdown. Its freezing and it was full-house all over the place! Will post pics of the fireworks taken from my patio when i get back to Kali.

    I visited my local gunshop thinking of upgrading my Kimber to a Nighthawk but the out-the-door price is way way up by budget. 'Kala ko may big break ako dito sa VEgas. But...they have a Glock 22 on sale while stock last and I have till afternoon today to decide. Question: Is $499.00 a good deal for a G22? To sweeten the deal, it comes with a free whole day range time and 100 rounds for breaking in. May break in period ba ang Glock?

    Again, Happy New Year to ALL!
  2. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America
    $499.00 is a very good price for that pistol. Here in Canada, retail price for a G22 is around CDN$950.00 Three times more expensive ang ammo.

    Happy New Year!

  3. vega


    Sep 29, 2001
    Are Californians allowed to buy FA in Vegas?
    Turner's sometimes put Glocks on sale for $499. but no free ammos and you can go to Angeles Shooting range for free range time. Just show the receipt.

    We will be going there (Vegas) tomorrow, what is the temp?

    Happy New Year to all!


    Jul 13, 2005
    SJ/The Sin City
    its freezing and theres high winds. mid 40s early at night to low 50s at daytime.

    you just missed the 50%-60% sale
  5. toxic


    Jan 15, 2005
    doin' time
    Happy New Year to everyone..

    Boss Vic, in my perspective for less than $500 thats a best buy + the freebies :thumbsup:
    back in the Philippines it would be double the price , i envy you guys there, cheap guns and lots to choose from plus very good gun laws.

    Isuzu from where abouts are you in Canada? my in-laws are from Brampton,Ontario. ..they said gun laws are more strict there than in the US.

    Vega, enjoy your vegas trip.


    Jul 13, 2005
    SJ/The Sin City
    Actually, my official residence is Las Vegas. I have a Nevada driver's license and my CCW (aka PTC) was issued by Las Vegas Metro PD. I just have a long term contract with a company in the Bay Area hence I'm there most of the time. All my guns are kept here although I brought couple of them to Kali onetime. Hassle lang kasi, you have to register with the DOJ/Homeland Security within x number of days upon arrival.

    vega, if u have time, try stop by American Shooters at Arville/Spring Mountain. They have a whole bunch of pistols and rifles on display plus tons of 'cessories. Next door is a range where you can do rapid fire to your heart's content. I shoot my pistols & AR15 here.

    Hindi ko na tinuloy yung G22. I decided, iipunin ko na lang para sa susunod na purchase. After tax season na lang, baka may refund.
  7. revo


    Apr 27, 2003

    Californians can purchase handguns out of state, provided it's in the CA DOJ approved list.

    You cannot take possession of the gun out of state but can pay for it.

    The gun must be sent to your FFL here in California and the normal ten day waiting periuod applies. The CA FFL can charge a transfer fee.