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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by 40frank, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. (I will post a picture in a little bit...having trouble uploading one for some reason) I was in the market for another .45 acp. I went to my local gun shop to look around and they were in the process of unpacking a fresh shipment of XDs. At first I was disappointed to learn there was a waiting list. As luck would have it, one of the people they called didn't have the money and changed their mind. He offered it to me, and I jumped on it!!! It is the stainless bi tone model. I was thrilled to find out the Springfield also sells factory 7 round mags for the XDs with an extension on it. I ended walking out the door with the XDs and two factory 7 round mags to use as back up. I will post pics and a review soon. (Pics will come first hopefully, don't know why I am having trouble uploading)

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  2. Congrats! :cool:

  3. How much? I'm in the market
  4. Alcoy

    congrats. enjoy it.
  5. Awesome. I've been contemplating getting an XDs, but I will be waiting for the 9mm version if they ever make it..
  6. It was in the neighborhood of $530, a little more because it was stainless.
  7. Thank you!!! I will. I heard from someone (I can't confirm it at this time) that there has been, and I quote, "some rumblings of Springfield offering a duty sized single stack XD 45." I guess it is going to depend on customer interest. I might start a new thread and post it there.
  8. BuckyP

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    I have the XDS, what a great pistol. Sign me up for a full size too. Very slim package.
  9. Congrats! It is an excellent pistol, especially to carry on quick trips to the grocery store or gas station. I used to grab my SIG P238HD for those type trips, but XD-S has been filling that role lately.

    I removed the collars from the 7-round magazines, and just carry one like that as a spare.
  10. I hope there is some truth to the rumor, I would buy one or two!!!
  11. nice...i love Springfield pistols
  12. cdemarse

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    Same here and yes a 9mm and a 40cal are going to be released.
  13. Springfield knew that the 45acp XDs was going to be least selling caliber so I'm sure that's why they released it first. I'm glad the 9/40 are in the works. :cool:
  14. BuckyP

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    Yes, the .45 ACP is a such an unpopular caliber in the US. :whistling:
  15. Yup saw one of those single stack .45 XD's at the gun shop yesterday. pretty cool little handgun. cost about the mid 5's. waiting list, and some extended mags. comes in a carring case with a holster, double mag carrier and 2 extra mags. Its nicely thin, looks easy to carry. don't know how it shoots.
  16. he said best selling, not popularity contest. due to LEO contracts with ammo, he might be right.
  17. Bruce M

    Sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right time. Enjoy your XDs.

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