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New Wireless Router, Sony Laptop, Network HDs...

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Cali-Glock, Feb 9, 2011.

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    My couple year old N-band Linksis router was acting flaky - dropping connections, not allowing some pcs to connect, etc. After screwing with it for some time, I finally gave up and figured I would get a new one.

    Just picked up a Netgear N600 wireless Dual Band Router... it rocks... dual band, ability to set up a separate "guest" wifi network (which I did), has a USB port for networking hard drives: I tied in a 1 Terabyte HD I was already using on my primary pc, and a second 2 Terabyte HD which I picked up back in December, but had not put to use yet. Yippie - I now have 3T accessible from any computer in the house over the wireless network.

    I love the web interface - far superior than the Linksys. The Netgear also came with filtering software, not something I have a ton of use for; but I did set it up for the low setting filtering out porn/phishing. I am curious how it works and what it filters and does not filter on the different settings: I'll probably log on PC onto the regular wifi network, and a second onto the guest network, and play with adding restrictions and seeing the differences of what the two pcs can connect to.


    A few weeks ago, I ordered refurbished Dell D630 laptop for my wife, but it was flaky from day-1 so we contacted the seller ( and arranged to return it.

    I said I would get my wife a new laptop, and she said she wanted a 17 inch laptop rather than a standard 15" screen. I would not want such a large laptop because of the bulk - all the traveling I do, and because of the larger drain on the battery; but my wife mostly will use it around the house as a second PC to use in the living room, kitchen, etc, as well as when she travels.

    I stopped by Fry's today to pick up the new router, and looked to see if they had any deals on any laptops; not figuring I would find a decent yet inexpensive 17" laptop. They were having a sale on a 17.3" Sony Viao for $499 - normally (and currently listed on their website) for $699 Not the fastest or latest technology PC, but for a cheap yet quality laptop for connecting to the internet and watching some DVDs, I am thrilled.
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