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New Winchester bulk-pack ammo at Walmart?

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by DJ Niner, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. :wavey:You guys don't know how lucky you are. I live in the :50cal:"restricted" state of New Jersey. Among the many gun & ammo restrictions here, WM does not sell ANY ammo, nor ANY guns! I get :crying:envious every time that I read a posting about readily available (and low price) ammo for sale :tongueout: at WM in the more enlightened states. :steamed:
  2. 'Just curious: When you buy ammo at WM, (or anywhere else for that matter) what kind of ID are you required to show?
    Here in New Jersey, WM does not sell ammo and in order to buy ammo from a gun shop, we are required to show our NJ Firearms Purchaser IDENTIFICATION CARD.
    For some reason, the dealer is required to enter your ammo purchase into a database. ... I think that the primary reason is to discourage law abiding citizens from buying ammo by making it intrusive.

  3. LongGun1

    LongGun1 StraightShooter

    Well, I have raised a few eyebrows when I bought several to many cases at once (5,500 rds per case).. :shocked:

    ..but other than that it is..

    .. "Here is your change & Have a nice day"! :supergrin:

    For me in my AO(s)..

    ..buying ammo is like buying groceries..

    ..really glad I do not live in areas where you are treated like a criminal! :thumbsup:
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  4. chester


    Jul 20, 2009
    In good old Missouri no special ID necessary as long as you are over 21 for handgun ammo. A friend of mine just spent over $1,200 at a local Walmart and he did not clean out the shelves. He bought mostly 45, 38, and 223. He also was planning on sharing it with some fellow shooters so please don't accuse him of driving up prices. The salesclerk had to help him load it all in carts and did not even bat an eye. Personally I don't buy ammo at the local Wal-marts because they never seem to have what I want. This was true back in the good old days (last year). as well as now.
    I do live about five minutes from Midway USA and check their site frequently. I have been able to stay well supplied using the internet and a few local sources during the last year.
  5. Interesting that you mention Midway USA. A few days ago, their web site offered Federal America Eagle 9mm at a decent price. When I attempted to buy 1,000 rounds, the first thing that happened was a message, limiting quantity to 4 boxes (200 rounds). OK I thought, what the Hell, I'll accumulate another 200 rounds and keep on looking elsewhere for more. When I tried repeatedly to check-out, it kept rejecting my order.

    I sent them an Email, asking why they spend money advertising on "Guns 'n' Ammo TV", in Hand Guns magazine, American Rifleman, etc. if they don't want to sell me any ammo. ... To their credit, they actually responded. In essence they said that New Jersey is a "restricted" state, and before they can sell me any ammo, I must mail or Fax them a copy of my NJ Firearms Purchase Identification Card, which I did. ... However, by the time they answered and said they would keep my ID Card on file and that I could now complete my order for 200 rounds, I had already purchased 2,000 rounds at a different web site, so I didn't bother to complete the transaction with Midway USA. ... I have previously bought thousands of rounds on line from a variety of different dealers. Not one of them asked me for any NJ ID. ... Interesting story, yes?
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  6. sigpro357


    Apr 9, 2002
    You can't blame Midway. NJ has made increasingly more and more difficult for it's citizens to enjoy their guarnteed rights. If Midway had an issue with NJ I can bet the prosecutors and attorneys wouldn't turn a blind eye or use common sense. They'd attempt to bury Midway. It's just too much risk for little return.
  7. txgunguy


    Dec 14, 2007
    DFW, Texas
    Sounds like Midway is just following the laws your awful state has set. Be mad at NJ laws, not Midway for following them.
  8. DJ Niner

    DJ Niner Moderator

    Feb 13, 2001
    North-Central USA
    I started seeing these 375 packs at one of my local stores last week, so I guess they will be replacing the old 550 packs as jsm190 said, above.

    Neither store has had the Winchester on the shelf in the last month or so, in EITHER size. It's possible that they are getting it in, and I'm just missing it, but other calibers are beginning to accumulate on the shelves instead of running completely out between shipments...
  9. Regular Joe

    Regular Joe

    Jan 7, 2009
    I live in Las Vegas, and we haven't had ANY .22LR in months. I had to drive over to Pahrump, where prostitution is still legal, to find 6 of those "new" 375 round boxes. In my 10/.22's, they are a bit less accurate than Rem. GB's or Fed. automatch, and they have a high percentage of weak loads. They do cycle the action almost all of the time though, so they keep me from further depleting my Rem. stock.
    I would dearly love to find a "hyper" load with 40 gr. bullets that doesn't cost like the Velocitors. At 12 cents each, I may as well get a rifle that shoots .22 Mag.
    The Walmarts around here have also had plenty of 12 ga. Several times now, I've stocked 12 ga. just to keep a visit from being for nothing. On the last trip, I found that they have begun to stock a new kind of heavy duty fanny pack, under the Remington name. These things have a 1.5" belt, and are just the right size to carry 100 rounds of 12 ga. ammo. IMO, that's the most intelligent way for me to package my ammo reserves. There is another heavy duty fanny pack that Walmart has had for some time, under the "Outdoor Products" label. Those are just the right size to pack either 500 rounds of 9mm or 1,100 to 1,300 rounds of .22 LR. In the front pocket of each pack, I put extra mags, and at least one Bic lighter. Keep in mind that if TSHTF, the ability to make fire can be as advantageous as the ability to return fire...
  10. Matt VDW

    Matt VDW Millennium Member

    Sep 23, 1999
    Isn't there a market for 40 grain, round nose, standard velocity .22 LR ammo? All I see in the stores is the high velocity stuff, usually copper-washed and/or hollow-pointed.
  11. there is no such law here in nj that disallows you to order shouldn't be any different than shipping to any other state.even nj state police have stated mail ordering ammunition isn't illegal.recently i've ordered 4 boxes of ammo from midway with no issues.
  12. Fanner50

    Fanner50 NRA Endowment

    Sep 3, 2001
    Check your local Academy Sports and Outdoors. They sell the Winchester 333's and 555's too. They work great in my 10/22's.
  13. DriBak

    DriBak GUNS UP Millennium Member

    Jul 4, 1999
    West Texas
    I just picked up 2, 15.97 + tax. Anything has got to be better than the Remington 550 bulk crap
  14. Jason D

    Jason D INFRINGED Silver Member Millennium Member

    Jun 16, 1999
    Mivonks, MI
    You used to be able to buy it in 555 packs at Kmart like 10 years ago. I burned through quite a lot of it during my .22 rifle phase. If I remember correctly they were a copper washed bullet, and were bulk packed in silver and black boxes.

    It made me think they were super x rejects.
  15. diode


    Jan 13, 2004
    Yep! it sucks to live on the left or right coast. Sorry for your luck, just like is mentioned on other forums, you could always move to a more 'gun friendly state'
  16. 1234Havasu


    Dec 19, 2009
    LHC, Arizona
    The local Wally World here on the Colorado River never has the same stock of ammo 2 days in a row. Inventory is so sketchy, they limit you to 3 boxes per purchase. We have some fun laws, though. You can buy rifle ammo at 18, but handgun ammo buyers must be 21, so when you ask for .22 ammo the clerk asks you what kind of gun you're going to use it in.
  17. Here in SW Washington, which is much is very diffirent than Seattle when it comes to attitudes towards guns, the cashier is required to check id if they think the buyer is under 30sh. With me, the Bi-mart cahiers knows me very well and after seeing my id a couple of times, they don't even raise an eyebrow when I buy 5K of Federal .22LR. Actually, they never bat an eye when anybody else buys 5K of ammunition unless the shelf stock is getting low or you're buying Remmington Thunderbolts :embarassed:
  18. JFrame


    May 29, 2001
    Mid-Atlantic, US of A

    Heh...Similar experience at my Wally World. I wound up with a box of Federal 9mm's and a couple of boxes of CCI CB shorts, just for the halibut.

  19. unit1069


    Oct 10, 2007
    So. Central US
    My local Wal-Mart has different size bulk packs in stock, depending when I go there.

    Sometimes it's 333 in Federal and Remington and sometimes it's the 550 Federal and 555 Remington or whatever.

    FWIW, I've had better luck with Federal bulk ammo in that I've had fewer misfires than with Winchester or Remington.
  20. trob

    trob 10 rd max

    Apr 6, 2008
    have not seen the 555 count. thanks