New W. German HK P7M8!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    As some of you may have seen I recently started a thread asking for information on these lovely little pistols. Well today during my lunch hour at work I finally was able to pick one up for $1675.

    I've been looking for one of these for a few years now, but none ever seemed to come up for a decent price or in good enough condition.

    I am really excited about this one because it has no import stamps and is in near mint shape. There is no holster wear at all, and the only wear on the gun seems to be on the front sight. It looks almost brand new. It came with the factory hard case, manual, 4 magazines, original grips, holster, and Nill HK logo grips. I feel like I got a pretty good deal considering everything that came with it. It did not come with the cleaning tool or rod however, but maybe I can pick these up somewhere online.

    Can anyone tell me the year of manufacture without me posting the serial number?

    What do you guys think? If anyone else has a P7 I'd love to see your pics!

    Here are the obligatory pics (click to enlarge):




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  2. That's beautiful, Nathan. That was also a great deal, especially considering the Nill grips. Congrats on a very high quality, great shooting pistol. :cool:

    I love the P7 series. I've got the 10 year old P7M8 and an old West German P7M10.

  3. lifesizepotato

    lifesizepotato TatersGonnaTate

    Looks like it was made in 1985. The IF is a German date code, where A=0, B=1, and so on. I=8 and F=5.

    Beautiful gun. I love Nill grips and they make almost any gun better. :cool:
  4. Thanks guys :wavey:

    Do any of you know why this one does not have any sort of import stamp, while all the others I've seen do?
  5. lifesizepotato

    lifesizepotato TatersGonnaTate

    It's a legal requirement to have an import stamp somewhere, although I've come across guns that don't seem to. Is there one under the grip panels, or at the heel of the grip inside the mag well? Some importers are crafty about their stamps, and others are Century Arms who dot matrix their name all over it.
  6. Its weird sometimes. I've got a few foreign guns with no importation marks at all.

    The latest was my 1985 CZ 75. I even checked under the grips. :dunno:
  7. lifesizepotato

    lifesizepotato TatersGonnaTate

    Yeah, I do too. I always just assume that it's there somewhere and I just can't find it...
  8. Yeah, maybe so. I can't find anything at all on my CZ.

    My Korth Auto has no importation marking whatsoever either. I also have a 1967 Walther P38 that's totally clean.
  9. I checked everywhere. Under the grips (which have an interesting procedure to get off), inside the magwell, and anywhere I could see. There isn't one anywhere.

    I actually like that though, I prefer less writing on the gun. The internals look brand new too. Kind of crazy for a gun that's 4 years older than me.

    I think I may be done buying for a little while though. This P7 is the 12th gun I've purchased in 5 months.
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  10. Oh, its definitely better without any marking. In fact, no import marks can be a very good selling point for a fine European gun like the P7M8.
  11. lifesizepotato

    lifesizepotato TatersGonnaTate

    Did you look closely at the inside of recoil spring???

    I think pre-68 they didn't need import stamps, also.
  12. lifesizepotato

    lifesizepotato TatersGonnaTate

    Definitely agreed. On my guns that do have import marks, no matter how small, I see them as an eyesore. :crying:

    The better ones can at least look pretty factory, like on Mateba 6 Unicas. If you didn't know what it was, you wouldn't guess it was an importer stamp.
  13. Not a single mark on my Delta either...

    I'm lucky in that some of my nicest pistols are free of importation marks. :)
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  14. The recoil spring that wraps around the barrel is just a plain spring with no markings. The barrel itself has an eagle proof mark stamped onto it, but nothing else.

    I've got a little fiber optic gun cleaning light that can bend, and I searched over every inch of the gun.
  15. lifesizepotato

    lifesizepotato TatersGonnaTate

    You post pics of that ONE more time and I swear I'll take a million carpet photos of my Mamba, so help me...! :)

    (It's the best I can do until I find a bargain on a Korriphila.)

    Btw, has Michael Zeleny ever had any input on the seeming lack of import marks on stuff? I have several guns that, like yours, just plan don't have a mark that I can find. Not sure how that happens apart from small-time importers neglecting their legal obligation. (Can't say I blame them.)
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  16. lifesizepotato

    lifesizepotato TatersGonnaTate

    I was kidding, as if the importer went through the trouble of engraving on a hidden coiled wire to avoid leaving an ugly import mark. :wavey:
  17. :rofl::rofl:
  18. Hey I can say the same! Well as least considering that this P7 is one of my nicest pistols.

    That Delta looks awesome!
  19. :rofl: That went right over my head. Hey it's been a long day of work!

    I kind of like how this pistol is marked "Made in W. Germany" rather than "Made in Germany" too.
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  20. I think the P7 series are the only pistols HK marked with a "W". I have some other old HKs and they just say Germany.

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