New (used) G30

Discussion in 'The Big Dawgs Club' started by FLSlim, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. I will be getting a used G30, gen 3 purchased through Gunbroker. It will be my first of this model. Any recommendations or advice on this weapon? Anything to look out for? Thoughts on holsters and target ammo (I will be reloading but will probably put a few boxes of store bought through it first).

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  3. Only recommendations I have is to put a lot of ammo through it.

  4. Max1775

    Max1775 Marine Infidel

    Welcome to the party! Great choice. I haven't had any issues with mine. It is my daily carry and favorite shooter. I like to run 230gr FMJ Winchester because it is good for reloading, shoots well, and I get it cheap. For reloads I run 4.5-4.7gr of WST under a Hornady 230 FMJ/RN @ 1.250 OAL. (Recipe compliments of Fredj338). I think the best upgrades I have made are the Talon grips, Ghost 3.5 Rocket, and $.25 trigger job. Pearce Grip Extension and extended slide release is also nice. Favorite holsters are the Crossbreed Supertuck for IWB, Don Hume 721OT for OWB and an Andrews shoulder holster.
  5. Thanks for the comments. I have a CBST for my G23 and like it for that weapon. I'm sure I wouldn't be lucky enough for it to fit the 30, too. No WST on the bench, so I'll probably start with BE or Unique & 230 FMJs. Thanks again.
  6. Gregm77

    Gregm77 Tenifer Freak

    +1 on the Andrew's leather!!

    My G30 is my daily carry. She's been my constant companion for 7 years now. (My longest relationship!!)

    Get some night sights. I have the green/orange Meps on mine.

    And LOTSA range time!! Mainly because it's such a pleasure to shoot!!

    Changes I've made:

    -Night sights

    -Ghost 3.5 connector

    -Stippled the frame (not everyone's cup of tea, but I LOVE it, esp. when shooting outside in the heat)

    Enjoy the GREATEST Glock made!!

  7. Sweet. It came in today. It is 1 year old (just a toddler), and looks like new. All stock. I was a little worried with my first auction buy, but now it looks like a pretty good deal for about $400. Broke it down, blessed it with a drop of oil, and hope to get to the range tomorrow to give it a test run and introduce it to its G23 brother.
  8. Max1775

    Max1775 Marine Infidel

  9. Back from the range and that little stinker is a shooter! I put another little post on the General Glocking page, but I am a happy camper today.
  10. thinking about getting me a new g30
  11. thinking about getting me a brand new g30
  12. Do it.
  13. don't try to shoot wadcutters the G30 will NOT like them.
  14. I've read that about LSWC, so haven't bothered to give them a try. I've had good luck with all my jacketed and LRN loads. The gun has run like a champ, pleasant to shoot, and is more accurate than any of my other Glocks.
  15. jprj

    The only change I did with my G30 is the slide stop lever and I bought extra extended mags.

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