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  1. Recently moved from IL to VA due to a new job. What ranges/Shops do you guys suggest to become a regular at? Looking for a great place to buy parts/accessories for Glocks, Smith and Wesson M&P, AR-15...Any place or places to shoot these would be help as well.

    I am in the Alexandria/Arlington region and not really looking to drive an hour to shoot.

    Also any information on Open/Conceal Carry would be helpful. Im not new to firearms at all and got my VA drives license..Does that mean I can Legally Open Carry? I know for conceal I have to go through a class and then apply.

    Any information regarding above would be greatly appreciated!!

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  3. Welcome!

  4. Open carry is fine concealed requires permit. I see people open carry at least once a month when I am out and about. Keep in mind Northern VA is very much like a blue state as far as most people feel about guns. There are many NYer's and New Englanders here. Central, West, and Southern VA are more conservative. That said I have yet to read about or witness people getting hassled for open carry in the 12 years I have lived here. However, if I could picture a place in VA where you would get looked at funny or people would panic and call the police it would be in Northern VA. I live in Prince William County.
  5. the chantilly gun show is today and tomorrow!!
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    Moving up in the world. :supergrin:

    NRA range can be ok.
    Blue Ridge facility is ok, but the owner voted for O so....Vote with your dollar if you can.
    Virginia Arms is where I did my most recent transfer.

    Coming from IL, you will probably think this is a great place.

    Coming from OH, I think it sucks.

    PS, I would not open carry unless necessary. Their is a high possibility it will get negative attention.
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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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