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  1. Hey everyone, I am on several forums.

    Im a 27 year old male, like long walks on the... ahhh Just joking.
    But seriously Im a Marine and have been for 9 years come august. I love to shoot at the range, backyard whenever possible and my wife shoots with me, friends shoot with me. Definitely enjoy it and

    I figured after surfing this forum a ton researching and finding reviews and stuff on products for my G27 Gen 4 to get it beefed up to par. That i would register and start adding or replying to threads.

    I got quite a few pistols, rifles and so on. My two babies that i alternate my CCW rigs with are the G27 Gen 4 i just got about 3 weeks ago, and my Highly modded M&P 40C.

    Im currently waiting to get the frames back from, Ive got all the parts here at the house that i think i need to make my Glock 27 the way i want it exactly. WITH the exception of Sights. ONLY thing i think i need to research more then purchase a good set.

    I think i have everything possible done to my M&P 40C lol,
    I modded the trigger to make it a 1 piece trigger(doesnt flex forward or back), ATEI did 3-3.5LB trigger job, enhanced reset, 50-80% travel takeup(ADJUSTABLE SCREW), Full Grip reduction, Hybrid texture job, Costa catalyst, fully polished internals, Trijicon RMR 07 (6.5 MOA) milled into the slide by ATEI, Warren Tactical rear behind RMR, Warren Tactical serrated raised front sight. And a few little things i did internally.

    My Glock 27 I got grip reduction, texture, trigger undercut, carry beavertail, Ghost rocket connector, comp trigger spring, Extended Slide Stop, LWD Ext Slide Lock Lever Black, Glock Magazine Catch Extended Reversible (Gen 4).

    Not sure about the sights, I know i DO NOT WANT A RMR ON THIS PISTOL, since i got my M&P 40C i alternate between for CCW. AND the Glock seems to be more concealable than my M&P because of the RMR. So trying to keep it more geared more for CCW.

    Got a few Holsters by TAC-CAL TECH, and All kydex, then 2 King Tuks for the Glock.

    So my two questions giv eme your opinions and why about this Glock pistol are.

    1. What sights would you recommend, for low lighting conditions AND EASY/FAST target aquisition(CCW pistol primarily)?
    2. IS THERE A smooth trigger that does not have a bar in the middle/ or a way to mod the current trigger so that bar isnt there?
    3. LWD 40 to 9MM Barrell conversion, Thinking about getting it for my G27 but not sure if its worth switching just to save some $$ on ammo(9m being cheaper). IVE HEARD that with the LWD barrell you cannot use cheap 9M ammo, what do you think? Any experience with the LWD conversion Barrell?

    I should be getting my frames back from Gripreductions in a few days, Ill be sure to put up pics in this thread :supergrin:

    AND before you say reductions are a waste of money, Ill say this I got small hands and a BLOCKY frame makes it difficult to enjoy shooting. Also that its my money to waste and thanks for your opinion.

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  2. Welcome to GT!

  3. Welcome to GT, I am from SC. You sound much more informed than I, I have a Glock G4 27 EDC. I recently put Tru-Glo TFO's on mine and I'm very well pleased............. DOC
  4. Greetings I'm in SC as well. My gen4 27 is my favorite pistol by far.
    Mine wears a set of ameriglo night sights for the 10/45 and the work great. I am by far use to the snowman sight picture they offer.
    As for the barrel swap. cent per round. So I just keep it stock don't want to be confused when I need to shoot it.
  5. :welcome:and thanks for serving! I really appreciate the young men and women who serve this great country of ours and I don't feel that you get the respect and attention you deserve all of the time!:wavey:
  6. Thanks everyone for the welcome! Im waiting on my frames to come back from, should be any day now. Getting antsy, need to see how they came out and take them to the range ASAP.

    ParisArms & scccdoc,

    Do either of you live near Beaufort? Do you shoot at Palmetto State Armory in Bluffton at all?

    And another thing, Can either of you take a pic looking through your sights? How would you rate your sight visibility in low lighting conditions? How do you rate the sights as far as EASE and SPEED target aquisition?
    Obviously, be sure the pistols on safe, unloaded and pointed in safe direction, goes without saying but just cuz i know some internet superhero will say something stupid without knowing you've done the proper gun etiquette and abide by the rules of gun safety.

  7. Took Mepro's off, after shooting a competition shooter's Glock with TFO's, combination tritium AND fiber optic.I'm familiar with your area but about 80 miles away. Welcome to SC !
  8. Hmm whats the reason behind that? Just thought it was easier and quicker to sight in with the mix of tritium and fiber optic? Or what made you change?
  9. Welcome! You'll like it here.
    Jim (NY)
  10. mymini40,

    Me and the wife will be in MI for a week there for a bit this next week. First time ive been home to Jackson, MI in about 3 years. Visiting family, renewing MI DL, renewing MI license plate registration and of course visiting some friends there.

    See your location as battle creek, thats not too far from Jackson area. If you have a Glock 27 accessories or M&P accessories, parts whatever that you maybe selling or something car audio related? We will be up there may swing by and pick it up if you got something interesting out there.
    Got a decent small caliber pistol? I am thinking of picking up a pistol for my mother while were up there. Gotta get her out and shoot a few of ours to see what caliber is good for her, and of course TEACH her safety rules and firing technique.
  11. They're brighter in both dim and normal light situations' IMO. Helps my old eyes acquire more quickly.......................Got the old (6 months) adjustable mepros in my bag. If you come up this way ,I'll sell them for $75.......... DOC
  12. Were hitting Fayetteville area tomorrow to hit the coast for this weekend to visit Wifes family, attend her sisters wedding Saturday, then Sunday we were heading to MI for the week.

    Hmm Ive looked into the Meprolight sights and i dont think those are going to be the ones id want, i was looking at this comparison picture below and Amazon/Forum reviews for other sights and Im sure I want brighter sights. Just dont want to go RMR with both of my pistols, and a Laser would increase grip size or get in the way and id have to buy new holsters, etc... I would get the Guide rod laser for the Gen 4 G27 but its pretty expensive, and i have NOT seen a whole lot of good reviews on its durability. :(
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  13. I took the Mepro's and the TFO's into the dark last night to compare.The TFO's were brighter and are in full sunlight.
  14. oily_oink

    oily_oink ###########

    :welcome: From Michigan!
  15. Anyone have these? If yes or no, what do you guys think about the Trijicon HD Night sights?

    [ame=""] TRIJICON GLOCK HD SET ORANGE FRT: Sports & Outdoors@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    I seen them in person, not installed on a pistol and the front tip is BRIGHT in the daytime, a friend of mine has the yellow one on his Glock with a Heinie straight 8 rear and he loves it.

    I was thinking of a different rear setup, with just that HD front Orange tip? Something like a bright green rear sight with that bright orange i think would be a good setup.
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