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Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by bimmerboy, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Just found out that a couple of "leagues" shoot at Bluegrass and I plan to attend. I'm also thinking of picking up a SIG P229. I actually have a friends that I'm gonna feel out this weekend before I commit.

    But I have a question, with practical shooting, I don't need accuracy type sights correct? I need fast pointing, fast acquiring type sights? Like a 3-dot or Hienie?

    I also see alot of Glock 34s out there. Are you using the stock plastic sights that come on it? They might point fast but are relly not very accurate.
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    My advice is to shoot a few to several matches with what you've got on the gun and then make a decision. There are plenty of people who shoot IDPA or USPSA with stock Sig or Glock sights who do better than fine. Some people prefer a fiber front with stock rears, some prefer all black (me), some prefer night sights, etc. It's really the last thing you need to worry about for your first year of matches. If you're looking to spend money on something make sure you have a decent holster/pouch rig and plenty of mags or get started on your reloading setup. Both of those expenses will take you farther than sights.

    By "Bluegrass" are you referring to Bluegrass Indoor Range (Louisville) or Bluegrass Sportsman's Club (Lexington)?

    Also check out Silver Creek Conservation Club in Indiana, which is only 14 miles from downtown Louisville:

  3. I mean the one in Louisville. I went there this afternoon and someone let me shoot their G34. I'm hooked. So much more control than my G19. I'll try shooting with my G19 for a while but that G34 was awesome.

    Do I need to get a holster? If so, any recommendations?
  4. One thing... the ventilation in Bluegrass is not all that good. But then again I think there was 4 of us shooting at the same time.

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