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  1. MJkeat, Do you suggest firearm classes should be mandatory or voluntary?

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  2. Just wondering because this seems to become an obseesion of yours since you just started taken a few classes.

  3. Something like this?
  4. I've been taking classes for years. Even while in the military our unit sent guys (usually E5's just back from school) to classes so they could come back and teach the rest of us.

    It was always exciting to learn new methods but usually made for long days in the formation area doing walk-throughs and at the range/mout putting it into action.

    I hate to feel I have to do things so NO to mandatory but only marginally. I think the individual should make it a priority.

    This comes from seeing to many people who make claims unable to back them up and look stupid trying. I was that guy at one time and know what it's like not knowing I didn't know.

    I wouldn't say it's an obsession as much as it's enlightening.
  5. Chuck66

    Chuck66 Traveling Man

    Wow. This thread really surprised me. I've been shopping for my first AR for a couple of weeks now. I'm pretty sure I get the whole Colt/LMT/DD vs S&W/Stag/RRA thing. I know that I will most likely never feel a need to reach for a SHTF rifle, and if I do, I have a Yugo AK that I completely trust, so I'd pretty much settled on a Stag model 2 or 3. Seemed hard to beat for the money.

    But then I just had to go shopping. What I found most interesting was the WW SRC at Wal-mart for only $50 more than the Stag Mod. 2. Since then, for the last week, I've been looking for validation of the WW, but every time I go looking here or at Arfcom et al, I find they still don't seem to be a trusted source. Then I saw this thread, and thought "traditional AR vs. the M&P Sport" surely this is where the WW will be the hands-down winner. Nope. Even the M&P Sport is still more trusted.

    That's fine. I love S&W, and The M&P is still a valid option for me, along with the Stags and the WW. I'm sure I'll pick between 1 of those 3, and any of them will do exactly what I want. Be an excellent range toy, and probably even more. Just surprised the WW hasn't broken more barriers yet. The fit and finish seem exceptional, and range reports are positive, and I love the company backstory. I'm just afraid if I decide to resell, the WW will be hard to unload. The M&P must be a hell of a gun. Gonna give it an extra long look to ensure I don't unjustly write it off.

    Having fun hunting. Great thread. Thanks! :wavey:
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  6. Big Bird

    Big Bird NRA Life Member

    <==== 10 year Army veteran, Combat Arms, Two combat tours in a Cavalry Regiment. Been shooting rifle for 37 years competitively an have a state service rifle championship on my resume and a couple of regional championships. In high school I shot .22 matches for three years and placed third in the state my senior year. Shot registered skeet and sporting clays on an Army Team and in civilian matches. Have carried a 1911, M16A1, M9 and a HK 9mm MP5 for protection. That's my shooting resume.

    I've taken civilian pistol, shotgun and just recently carbine courses. You don't go to those classes to learn the basics of safe gun handling and basic operation. You go to those classes to learn shooting form and techniques. How to run the gun FAST and ACCURATELY. How to clear malfunctions quickly. How to transition to pistol in the middle of a fight. How to manage the trigger. How to manage the recoil. You go to get GOOD with the thing. And trust me...there's ALWAYS someone who knows more than you and can teach you something about shooting. ALWAYS...

    I've been shooting M16s and AR's since around 1980. I've proably built a dozen oor 15 from parts for myself and other folks. Last weekend I went to a Vickers Carbine course and learned just how much I really don't know about running an AR.

    You don't know what you don't know. Think you know how to run an AR. Go to a course and show em how its done. If you are that good they will take your shooting to the next level.
  7. It's likely that WW is on its way to being a respected if not highly reguarded brand. I have yet to see a negative comment from a single WW owner. We even have a few proud owners here on the site. It's just that they don't have a lot of feedback as of yet. If I liked the features and the price, I wouldn't mind taking a shot with them.

    Out of curiousity, what was Walmart charging for the WW?
  8. Seen your thread on the course :thumbsup: I started leaving my buis open to see how I feel about fixed buis based on your thread.
  9. Totally different type of weapon, it is negligent to believe that I am an expert with an unfamiliar weapon. OJT is not the place for firearms. You don't know what you don't know.........DOC
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  10. Chuck66

    Chuck66 Traveling Man

    $799 for the SRC. They have a Sig in the case for $850, a Bushy for $950ish and the Colt 6920 for $1097. And the Sportical is there too, but I didn't note the price.

    The Windham looks like a great deal. I may just have to be one of the buyers who helps them build that rep. :cool: If I decide that I want a railed top instead of the A2 style front sight, I'll almost certainly get the SRC. I'm getting ready to do my research on that and I think then I'll be ready to decide. Just wish there were more comparisons out there to learn from. Can't find any threads comparing Stag against WW.
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