New to the ar world.

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by vallelbg, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Since you mentioned being informed maybe you should take your own advise.

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  2. faawrenchbndr

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    I've been shooting the M16 & AR15 for 27 years. I have never,
    even ONCE, had to use the fwd assist.

    Your post holds no water,.......give it up!

  3. OP I had a Smith M&P15 that was a fantastic carbine, it never let me down. Only reason I sold it to was to fund my disease. I think a Smith Sport would be a solid performer. Windham seems to be getting good reviews by people but I personally have zero experience with them. What is your budget?

    If you are around 850-900 take my advice and buy as much rifle as you can in the beginning. I did the buying 4 AR's/uppers before finally buying a BCM and getting what I wanted in the first place. You will actually save money if you get the most out of your money with your first purchase.
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  4. i bought a Windham and it is a fantastic rifle. it is very well built and shoots great. Out of the box, its trigger is 10 times better than my PSA AR. i wouldnt hesitate to buy another Windham. Either way, you are getting a great rifle but dont discount the Windham without looking one over. just my opinion but i love mine...
  5. Give what up! I let OP know sport has differences he probably is not aware of and that kills it for me. Relax, I never said don't buy it because it is missing a fwd assist and you will need it as you are insinuating...For the record I have only witnessed one sport owner that had a problem without the FA & DC and that was HOUR 13 who bought an fully equipped stripped upper to replace the lesser equipped smith upper on his sport. I hate to see OP have buyer remorse after seeking info...
  6. I will be mostly using it for range action, but would want it to be reliable in a situation.
  7. What is your budget?
  8. Hour13

    Hour13 Tah-dah!

    It'll do you just fine. I love all the little-billy-badass ARs I've gotten to play with, but to be completely honest, I can't imagine a situation I could get into that the Sport wouldn't handle.

    1) Of all the people who ever touched their forward assist, maybe 2% actually should have, and perhaps 2% of that 2% used it correctly.

    Even if you need to "assist" the bolt forward, you don't need the FA to do it. That's what that little scallop on the side of the carrier is for. Your finger.

    2) If you are in the midst of a situation, guess what? The dust cover is gonna be open, not covering anything. The only time it's closed is when it's not in use, and far less likely to get crud in it.

    And besides, myth-conceptions aside, a bit of dirt is NOT going to suddenly cause your AR to self destruct. Neither will alot of dirt, short of opening it up and shoveling sand into it.

    Bottom line? IMO S&W hit a home-run with the Sport. Runs like a champ, is incredible accurate, has the versatility of a 1:8 twist rate. And stands head and shoulders above it's price tag.

  9. I agree but am curious, where do you get your statistics?
  10. I have an M&P-15 "Optic Ready" I bought back in 2007 and it shoots very well, never jams, will shoot just about anything I feed it. My only dislike is the upper to lower fit is not all that great. The original trigger sucked so I replaced it with a Timney. Shot a lot of pigs and coyotes with it.

    I just recently got a Windam Weaponry Varmint model. The fit and finish is top knotch on this rifle. The accuracy is very very good with 77 grain bullets. The stock trigger is pretty good. I really like the lifetime warranty on the gun.

    You can't go wrong with either IMO.
  11. Hour13

    Hour13 Tah-dah!

    Lol, these are my opinions, just based on my tiny slice of the world. Watching these clowns online and at the range hammer away on the FA like it's a brute-force magic button that'll fix anything.

    I'm no operator, or course trainer, or the like. I'm a mechanic, I restore old Mustangs. I'm also a gun enthusiast. I approach it the way I do cars, just like I did with my toys as a kid. If it's a machine with moving parts, I'm going to take it apart, and learn how it works. As with everything else, this is how I developed an understanding of how an AR functions. I was curious, lol, so I tore one apart.

    This is also why I'm not a fan of piston conversions. What immediately struck me then, and still impresses me, is the beautiful simplicity of the DI system. The idea of intentionally overcomplicating a perfectly functional system really makes my brain hurt.

  12. AKRover

    AKRover 10MM Fanatic

    I've been through M16 training with both the Army and Air Force and neither has taught me to use the forward assist, that I recall. The last training I went through I specifically remember them teaching us to clear the round rather than wasting time with the forward assist. My point is that FA and dust cover are pretty much a non-issue for most everyone, especially someone new to ARs. I know a lot of people that actually prefer the clean look of the slick side receiver without the FA and dust cover.

    I changed the upper on my Sport to one with FA and dust cover purely for looks. As mentioned earlier I never had a malfunction that wasn't caused by me so there was no need to change anything on the rifle, except that I wanted to. IMO, the Sport is a great base for an AR build. I've changed a lot of stuff on mine and still have less money in it than with would buying a factory rifle with the same mods or building a rifle from scratch.
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  13. I've been around firearms all my life, well at least close to 50 years shooting. I just got my first AR and I'm going to a class hopefully this week. This is a lethal weapon and should be treated with caution and respect. Your post was right on..................... DOC
  14. Awesome, let us know how it goes.
  15. Apparently I've offended a few of you. I didn't intend to open such a can of worms. And again, I'VE GOT NOTHING AGAINST CLASSES. I just don't feel they are a requirement for a shooter that already knows how to safely handle a firearm.

    How is it any more lethal than any other firearm you've handled in your 50 years experience? :dunno: Would you treat it any differently than a .22lr?

    I hope you enjoy your class and get a lot out of it.
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  16. When was the last time you took a carbine class? What was the curriculum?
  17. I haven't taken one. Nor have I handled my rifles in a manner that have put anybody in danger. It appears to me, you think that I'm saying their is nothing to be had by taking a class. I've said nothing of the sort. I'm sure there is a ton of good info from any reputable class.

    The OP asked for opinions between two rifles and you implied not to consider purchasing either without accounting for the cost of ammo, mags and a course. Maybe I missed your point all together. If he had a strict budget of $1000 would you recommend a Colt or a lower quality rifle and a course?
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  18. If you haven't experienced one how can you comment on it?

    I have people tell me all the time that they've been shooting all their life and are very safe. Five minutes later their finger is all over the trigger and the muzzle is every which direction. Some of these people have been downright rude when I have them sign safety waivers. My point is we think a lot of things are that aren't

    I implied nothing. I simply stated that the purchase was just the beginning
  19. Would you mind posting a link to the type of course you were suggesting in your first post?

    Still curious as to your answer here. "If he had a strict budget of $1000 would you recommend a Colt or a lower quality rifle and a course?"
  20. Classes vary by location and instructor. As stated before a carbine 1 is a good start. I have seen some offering a .5 class as well.

    If he has a strict budget of $1k and chooses the AR that has been recommended he'll have plenty left for a few magazines, some ammunition, and a class. Most begining classes are around the $100 mark and require 200-300 rounds. That's $200-$300 for the day and the OP will have a good foundation.

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