New (to me) S&W 3913

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Glock40man, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Earlier this week, I stopped in at my favorite local fun shop. I was browsing the pistol cases and, my eyes wandered to a 3913. I always have wanted to shoot one but, I didn't know anyone that owned one. I had also been searching for something with an ambi safety and, a smaller grip for new shooter instruction. This one didn't appear to be shot much and, wasn't in too bad of shape. (Just a couple of dings) and the white dots on the rear sight were missing.

    So, after thinking on it, I decided that I "needed" to bring it home. I'm very pleased with it.

    I shot 150 rounds of WWB and, it was 100% reliable with strong consistent ejections. I can see why these pistols have their reputation. The only thing that I don't care for is the magazine disconnect but, no big deal.

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  3. They are good guns. I have a 908 which is a blued budget version of your gun. It is accurate and has been 100% reliable so far.

    Congrats and enjoy your new purchase!

  4. Aahzz

    Aahzz Who?

    Definitely one of my all-time favorites. Good choice!
  5. I have one on my list of "if I find one" guns Congratulations

    BTW the mag disconnect isn't there by accident. I am one of the people who don't mind them, but my training was a little different than most.
  6. That's awesome! I just bought a 6906 on saturday.
  7. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Those are a gem of the S&W autopistol lineup, congrats!!!

  8. Thanks guys!
  9. Thanks! A 6906 is on my list.:cool:

    Thanks Berto.
  10. Aahzz

    Aahzz Who?

    Then a 5906 should be on there as well - I have and love all 3 :)
  11. Glockster17

    Millennium Member

    Yeah, it is on my list if I run across a good lookin' used one. I don't own a 3rd Gen SW auto... yet! Congrats. --Rob
  12. You spend enough time shooting a 3913 and you'll wonder why all similarly sized 9mm pistols can't be as tolerant of "shooter & ammunition" influences. ;)
  13. Congrats on a great pistol.
  14. I looked at one.

    I would try to find one, if I were you.

    You kwow, I already started to notice.
  15. Very nice. I think they will get more desirable and pricey as time goes on.
  16. Thanks Bac!
  17. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Ban Democrats!!


    CONGRATS ON THE 3913! I hope to find one myself someday.

    The 6906 is a FANTASTIC gun! I had one but traded it straight up for a S&W 686 "no dash".......from my dad:wavey:

    The beauty of it is that I will get the 6906 back someday:whistling:

    Enjoy your awesome find!!!!!!!

  18. Thanks Bruce, I've noticed the prices are creaping up there.
  19. Congrats! I've been debating whether to get the 6906 or this. I haven't made my mind up yet. As the prices continue to soar, I think I'm going to commit to one real soon. Again, Cograts on a great looking piece! You need to get the flush-fit magazines for those. I think they're on Midway. :cool:
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  20. carbuncle

    carbuncle is not cool.

    Congrats on a great gun, I love the Smith 3rd Gens.
  21. Thanks, I'm planning on picking up a few more magazines at some point.

    Thanks, I don't think my 3rd Gen Smith collection will end here.

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