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  1. Hi all, I'm a new glock owner here in Ohio I just bought a police trade-in G19(gen 3). I was wondering if you more experinced shooters can tell me are there any up grades I should do to my gun?

    A little about me. I am 51yrs old and this is my first handgun. I loved playing paintball so I thought I would try the real thing. I love it too!!! Went to a local range and shot 100 rds, I didn't want to stop, I'm hooked

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  2. :welcome: and congrats


    First of all congratulations on the new Glock purchase, I have had a G19 for a long time now, it is my bread & butter gun, wouldn't trade it for another.

    Before spending any money on up-grades as yourself what exactly are you going to use this gun for? This will help your decision making. If a stock gun was good enough for the cops... :whistling: - Common up-grades
    Trijicon night sights
    Stainless steel recoil spring
    Recoil buffer pad
    Extended slid stop
    3.5 lb trigger connector
    +2 mag extensions are a real great item

    If your G19 is going to double as a home security gun such as in the bedroom night stand type of thing, I highly recommend buying one of these and putting it on the railing under the barrel.

    Well worth the $$$.

    Good luck and be safe
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  4. Welcome, and congrats, from another Ohioan! The only upgrades you'll need are more magazines. Enjoy!
  5. Welcome to the forum from a Buckeye lost in Arizona. You're going to love the G19!
  6. Welcome from a fellow Ohioan! the G19 is a great gun! If you ever want some good places to shoot let me know!
  7. kentguy,
    thanks for the advice, I think that the Stainless steel recoil spring is a good idea, I was a little worried about the plastic one. I am mostly going to use it as a range gun but if needed it will be used as self/home defence as well. thanks for all the welcome from the rest of you
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  8. I like to keep my Gocks stock :)

    Glock perfection.
  9. RWBlue

    RWBlue Mr. CISSP, CISA

    IMHO, The gun should be fine as is.

    Possible upgrade:
    Night sights
    CCW permit
    and a training class.

    No Stainless steel recoil spring
    No Recoil buffer pad
    HLL No Extended slid stop
    No 3.5 lb trigger connector
    HLL No +2 mag extensions

    BTW, X-buckeye, learn where your DNR ranges are and use them in the spring through fall.
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  10. oily_oink

    oily_oink ###########

    :welcome: From Michigan!
  11. Welcome from another buckeye.
  12. It being a Leo trade you may want to check to see if it has a ny trigger in it.

    Google Glock my trigger and look at pics. It's easy to tell.

    I just purchased a Leo trade 19 and it's in there.

    It makes the trigger weight higher.

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