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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by black_dog, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Just got my first Glock a 22 40 cal and a lot of extras a couple extra barrels, 3 1/2 lb trigger, 3 clips,beaver tail, stainless steel guide rod,and a butt plug, a conversion to 22 cal kit, a laser, a blackhawk serpa holster, 1000 rounds of fmj bullets, 250 rounds of 180 gr cast bullets to be reloaded.I already had 1000 rounds of 40 cal HP ammo for my Ruger P91, so two 40's and some pratice ammo should be fun. I could of picked up pistol today but job took me 250 miles in the wrong direction. Maybe tomorrow. Have a few more extras to show up at the door. Great site I hope to have some useful info as well.

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  2. :welcome: to GT!

  3. Hello from MO. The G22 is a landmark Glock and my #1 go to HD pistol. Welcome.
  4. Welcome to GT and, congrats on your G22!
  5. ozrkprtyof8

    ozrkprtyof8 Glock Fan!

    They are great pistols and a joy to shoot. Have fun

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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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