New to Glocks trouble with my G36

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by amacro, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Hello from Ocala Florida
    I picked up a G36 at a gun show and I'm thrilled with the ergonomics - I've got a Kimber ultra compact and a Sig P220 compact both obviously different in many ways, the Glock is lighter and just fits my hand better. And I love to do mods on my guns and the Glock just has so many options (a lifetimes worth) lol, anyway took it to the range yesterday and had 2 problems one is minor and I suspect has to do with my grip or position I got dinged in the head a few times- returning home my wife said of I know you're happy to show that off. The second I'm sure sure will correct with practice is the following as I mentioned my other guns are different systems so the trigger system is different, well to get to the point -pulling the trigger apparently I'm not letting it restage and the gun slide would not return to fire position I had to "push" it to ready to fire this did not happen all the time and was a little distracting - otherwise I put 100 rounds of FMJ and 2 magazines of Federal Hydrashocks without any FTE etc, again I'm sure this will improve when I learn to finesse the trigger. I'm looking at the 3.5 trigger aftermarket as a possible solution. Sorry to be so long winded and glad there is a place to share and learn about the great gun
    Al :wavey:

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  3. Isnt this supposed to be in General glocking?

  4. Hey, AL !

    :welcome: to Glock Talk!

    I have a nephew that lives in Ocala area.

    Is your 36 NEW? May be just a bit stiff, yet, and need a little more "break-in".

    Check your ammo fit by removing barrel and just dropping your rounds into the chamber. Sometimes shells will fit tight. or does bullet nose catch on feed ramp? Weak or incorrectly seated recoil spring?
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  5. Thank's guys off to general glocking!
  6. Welcome to GT!
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    Post your question in General Glocking.
  8. welcome to the forum.
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