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New to CCW and need advice for first gun purchase!

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by JDSilva87, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. If you are looking at an off-duty gun I'd hold off a bit, as what you can carry off-duty can be restricted by your agency. Find out what their rules and regs are.
  2. This, Switch to looser fitting shirts and you will be fine.

  3. I can conceal my G19/23 well in my MTAC with most shirts I wear. Sometimes I think we are a little too self concious about it, unless all your shirts are skin tight then you should be good to go!
  4. diablo_svr


    Oct 10, 2009
    NPR, FL
    I would check out a Walther PPS 9mm and a Kahr PM9 before making a decision. However, you can't go wrong with the G19 (own one of them too) and carried one all the time (excluding sleep/shower) OWB with just a loose fitting T-shirt for well over a year. But I just can't help prefer carrying the PPS/PM9 because of the lower weight / smaller size...which is going to conceal easier.
  5. r3dot


    Sep 6, 2007
    Izzerwat TX
    I just picked up a G19 gen4, myself. I already have a carry gun (Ruger SP101 .357), however, I am so in love with this gun right now that I ordered an MTAC holster and will see how it works out for carrying.

    IMO, the difference in size between the 19 and 26 are close to negligible.

    You may find that you don't like carrying the 19 and end up leaving it at home 90% of the time. Something like an air-weight J-frame, Ruger LCR, LC9, etc. will pretty much assure that you'll always have the gun with you because of the ease of carrying it.
  6. Poor Knight

    Poor Knight

    Nov 17, 2008
    Houston, Texas
    I started with the G19 and love it but regularly reach for the G26. Best holster I have found for shorts and T shirt carry for the Glock is the smartcarry (I live in Houston so it is hot here!) however the easiest and most comfortable option I have found for shorts and and t shirt wear is a S&W J frame in a PCS pocket holster . Mine is in Airweight in .32 H&R so I have 6 shots. If I am wearing cargo shorts I will put the G26 in a Nemesis holster in my cargo pocket balanced by mags, cell phone, keys etc in the other cargo pocket but that's not easy or convenient.
  7. FWIW, the G26 in a Brommeland Max Con V on a Beltman belt ended my search for the perfect setup for me. None of these components are cheap but they each have become cherished items of ownership and daily wear. Good luck in your search.
  8. dregotglock

    dregotglock CHL Instructor

    May 23, 2009
    DFW TX
    I am in Tx so we share some of the same weather -

    regardless of carry method you choose to go with you are going to have to make changes to your wardrobe. I find that using an extra heavy weight shirt (t-shirt, polo etc) with normal size pants, gun specific belt, and a good owb holster works well for me - and I do not have to purchase different size pants or shorts. The belt will make a huge difference in your happiness, a lesson learned the hard way.

    I carried a g23 for many many years with this set up and use it now for a g30 in our shared weather
  9. JDSilva87


    Apr 23, 2011
    New Olreans, LA
    I am originally from Ohio. Dre, did the weather in TX make it any harder to conceal the 23? The picture that r3dot really has me thinking about the size difference. I mean thats not much difference at all between the compact and sub-compact. I really can't see how that little would make a difference in conceal carry.
  10. Sherwood Hunter

    Sherwood Hunter

    Feb 7, 2012
    Have had G26 and G22 for many years. New single stack 9mm pocket glock like auto fits in your back pocket. With a wallet holster not detectable. Check out the Beretta Nano. Very well built, never jams and width of less than .90 inches. Great site and trigger pull with 9mm. I have purchased two so far.