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New to AR-15. What Should I Know?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Glocks n' Crocs, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Glocks n' Crocs

    Glocks n' Crocs

    Aug 22, 2013
    Just purchased my first AR-15 rifle, a S&W M&P Sport. Anything I should know about the platform?

  2. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    Buy good mags and shoot it a lot.

  3. Glocks n' Crocs

    Glocks n' Crocs

    Aug 22, 2013
    It came with a 30 round Magpul P-mag. At the shop I picked up another. Anyone else have the Sport? What do you think of it?
  4. uzimon

    uzimon team ftp

    Jul 11, 2007
    I think it needs a fwd assist and dust cover but that can be remedied.
  5. Scrappy


    Mar 4, 2001
    Well Im thinking about getting one myself. For $612 I think its a good buy.
  6. Glocks n' Crocs

    Glocks n' Crocs

    Aug 22, 2013
    You are correct that it can be remedied (with a new upper). However for my purposes those things are unnecessary. If the gun jams I'm not gonna ratchet the bolt closed. :supergrin:
  7. cyphertext


    Jan 6, 2004
    I have one and am rather fond of it for my use. Fun at the range and a good gun for hogs. A lot of fun with a red dot.
  8. DaleGribble

    DaleGribble Sandwich!

    Mar 20, 2003
    Land of the toothless!
    No no no no no no no no no!

    Everyone, and I mean everyone needs a gun capable of whacking Hadjis at 600 meters. I don't care if your a granny in that weird purple hat club, a gay guy at a Pride parade or a priest at a NAMBLA convention. The lack of a forward assist means you're going to die in the 'Ghan wishin you also had a dust cover.

    The chart makes it so.

    Ok seriously, you're right, if this is just a range-fun gun and isn't going on secret missions it will more than suit your needs.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2014
  9. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    Mar 14, 2005
    Bought my sister one when they first came out after she decided she wanted her own AR. Its been a good little shooter. Pmags should be trouble free, the only other thing is to pick up some good lube, I use CLP, and run that sucker wet. As long as hers is well lubed she's never had a problem with it, took her a while to figure to out what well lubed means.

    Hers has been a very accurate and reliable gun, enjoy it.
  10. dkf


    Aug 6, 2010
    With the M&P sport selling at that price point why people still buy those POS Carbon 15s from BM is beyond me.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2014
  11. WoodenPlank

    WoodenPlank Who?

    May 15, 2010
    NW Florida
    Buy good lube. SLIP 2000 is my preference, and it has worked exceptionally well across several ARs and other firearms. Keep the bolt carrier group (especially gas rings) well lubed, but they do not need to be dripping.

    Replace the gas rings on your bolt when they wear out - average of 2,000-3,000 rounds. If you can stand your entire bolt carrier group up on the bolt face, and the carrier slides down, it's time for new rings. Good bolts average 10,000 rounds.

    If you plan to shoot steel cased ammo, pick up a good chamber brush. Steel cases don't swell as much as brass, and tend to leave more residue in the chamber. If that residue builds up too much, when you shoot brass cased ammo it can become stuck in the chamber and very difficult to extract.

    Research common malfunctions in ARs, and how to fix them. Some are simple, and some are a real mother.

    On that note, use good magazines. PMAGs are the gold standard for reliability. Most malfunctions in an AR are caused by crappy magazines.
  12. PaLEOjd


    Jun 1, 2010
    Usually, you ask those type of questions before you buy. Good luck with it. Not a bad range gun.
  13. fuzzy03cls


    Jan 28, 2010
    I can count the # of times I have used, hard running, it's a "feature" that needs to be did away with.
  14. jrs93accord


    Jul 10, 2005
    Pensacola, FL
    It is a good buy. Like some others have mentioned, get some more good magazines (PMAGS are what I prefer), a good lube (I prefer Break Free lubricant/Protectorant), and a good cleaner (Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber). Additionally, get several hundred rounds of .223/5.56x45 55gr brass cased ammo (XM193). You may also want to get a couple hundred rounds of XM855/SS109 62gr ammo too.
  15. WoodenPlank

    WoodenPlank Who?

    May 15, 2010
    NW Florida
    It's a 'feature' that also wasn't in the original design.

    The only time I have ever used the forward assist is when I slowly lowered the bolt to chamber a live round quietly, and tapped the FA to make sure it was fully in battery. As a rule, though, you should pull the charging handle all the way to the rear and let it slam home to chamber the first round.
  16. Warp


    Jul 31, 2005
    The current S&W Sport is well worth the money. It isn't as good of a deal as it used to be, before they changed it, as it used to have a 1:8 twist melonite barrel with 5R rifling...but that was just too good of a deal so they had to lower the quality a bit to what it is now. Still good, just not as good as it was.

    When in doubt, use more lube. It is essentially impossible to over lube the BCG.

    Get more magazines. Magpul PMAG, Lancer L5 AWM, and quality USGI mags with Magpul followers (NHMTG, D&H, OKay, Labelle, Colt, etc) are the go-to mag options.

    Get out and shoot it. Get instruction/training. Get more ammo. Shoot it some more.

    IMO a dust cover is nice to have, and I would want all of my rifles to have one if possible. The forward assist isn't a big deal. You probably won't ever NEED either of those things.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2014
  17. Reb 56

    Reb 56

    Mar 12, 2007
    South Texas
  18. Warp


    Jul 31, 2005

    At least if you buy a quality optic, this is likely to be true. Good glass is expensive. Always has been, probably always will be. That is often the bulk of the added money. But then the FCG, rail, weaponlight, etc, can be kinda pricey in their own right too.

    My Colt 6920 is up to $3,500. And whenever the **** the ATF processes my stupid form 4 and gets my stamp back, and I swap the muzzle device + screw on the suppressor, the as-it-sits price will be more like $4,550. :shocked::shocked::shocked:

    That's, just...holy **** I need to get back to concentrating on handguns and handgun shooting more because Glocks just don't get that expensive!
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2014
  19. itstime


    Apr 9, 2006
    Great choice. Keep her cleaned and lubed. And we'll fed.

    Have fun and enjoy.

    You don't need those things people are talking about. Smith was brulliant to come up with this at a lower cost. I don't think I've ever Aeneas someone using a fa.
  20. Reb 56

    Reb 56

    Mar 12, 2007
    South Texas
    Does anyone have an AR for more than a month that hasn't added anything to it ?