New to 1911s, need help replacing FLGR

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by docbrazen, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Just picked up a STI Lawman, my first 1911. The one piece FLGR was a pain to dissemble. I want to try out a GI plug but not sure what parts I need. Would someone please recommend some parts to me? Will they be drop in or will I need to get them fitted?

    Update: Ran into some issues with the parts I ordered, please see post #18.

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    I believe he parts you want are 881 and 882 of the STI takes full-size gvmt parts. There are other generic parts probably cheaper, also available. Should be a drop-in.

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  4. HotRoderX

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  5. For a GI recoil system, you'll need these items:

    1) government recoil plug
    2) government recoil spring
    3) government spring guide
  6. ptmccain

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    They are drop in parts, and I did the same thing with my SA Loaded.

    You'll need the standard guide rod and plug, that's all. You can use the same spring.

    Here's a link to Brown parts:
  7. Yes, just drop in.

    Any brand will do. Might want to go with wolff spring though. Just my suggestion on the spring. As for those other two, get whatever.
  8. okie

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    Many, many, many congrats on the Lawman my friend:thumbsup:
  9. ptmccain

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    Why do you guys think he needs to swap out the spring too?
  10. Thanks for the help guys! When I switch to a GI Plug, do I need to replace the recoil spring too? I know it's not a bad idea to have a spare recoil spring.

    I haven't had a chance to shoot my STI Lawman, but I've already made a small idiot scratch on the frame when I tried to insert the slide stop. :whistling: I ordered a Birchwood Casey Presto Gun Blue Pen to try to mask it and any future idiot scratches. I hope that's not a bad product...

    I never handled another 1911 except for my friend's Kimber Custom II, but the STI Lawman seems to be real smooth. I'll have to see if she shoots just as good as she feels.
  11. ptmccain

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    I see no reason you have to replace the spring, though getting one on hand for when you need to replace would not hurt.

    I am running the same spring that came with mine, no issues/problems or otherwise.
  12. email Wolff and ask them why.
  13. I have a springfield loaded and aside from the pain of disassembly, it's really not that bad. I kind of like the look of the flgr and it seems to ease up recoil and whether it's in my head or not... makes it more accurate. Also it looks groovy.
  14. My Kimber has a FLGR and it disassembles the same way as any 1911 with a GI rod as far as I can tell, no pain at all. I put a GI rod and plug in but there's less "side to side" play with the FLGR in place and while that probably means nothing in terms of actual operation or accuracy I decided there's no reason to replace it.
  15. For some reason the STI FLGR is just a bit too long so it blocks the bushing form being turned. You have to pull the FLGR back before the bushing can be turned. Maybe I was doing it wrong, but I tried last night dissembling it the old GI way with no luck.
  16. ptmccain

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    That's kind of the point though. Taking down a M1911 should not be a "pain."

  17. apparently, it was for somebody... :whistling:

    BTW, the SA Loaded doesn't have a regular GI recoil system, it has a FLGR, so it is a PITA to disassemble.
  18. Don't get the CyberRev started...
  19. Need your help again guys. I ordered some parts off Midway but not sure if I goofed.

    On the recoil spring guide rod I bought, the end that mates with the frame looks very different. It's curved and sticks out more, where as the STI FLGR is flat, sharper, and more recessed. I bought a "Colt 1-Piece Recoil Spring Guide Rod 1911 Goverment, Colt Gold Cup". It doesn't seem to fit flush into the frame like my original STI FLGR. The new Colt guide rod sticks out and only the center raised portion is in contact with the frame. It also doesn't fit all the way in. Is this OK? Do I need a different GI guide rod or do I need to get it fitted?

    Image 1: Colt guide rod on left and STI FLGR on right. Face that mates with frame is different.​
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  20. No fitting should be required. I'm no 1911 parts expert so I don't know why the guide rod is shaped like it is.

    Here is a photo of the rod and plug I had in my Kimber for a short time. I can't remember who made these or where I bought them.

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  21. Nothing should be touching the frame. The spring guide mates to the barrel's lower lug.

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