New to 10mm. Need some reloading die recommendations!

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by mattmcg, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    Long time reloader here but just recently caught the 10mm bug. I've picked up some Georgia Arms loaded ammo that I've been shooting in a 20SF (which I've come to love! :supergrin:) and have been saving the Starline brass to eventually begin reloading.

    I have a Forster Co-Ax single stage press and will be powder metering with a ChargeMaster Pro (so a manual one-off operation).

    Can you all recommend a good set of reloading dies for my particular setup? This will be my first pistol caliber that I reload for (typically only reload precision rifle) so am a bit new to this game.

    I'd greatly appreciate it and was ecstatic that there was a 10mm reloading forum on GlockTalk!

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  2. Also, what do you guys use as a case trimmer? Are the trim dies worthwhile and do they even fit the Forster Co-Ax, or is there another option I should consider.

  3. I think Lee dies work fine even though I currently use Redding. My 10 brass has loose primer pockets long before it needs to be trimmed.
  4. Lee dies will work just fine and be cheap enough. If you are going to fire out of a factory glock barrel you might end up with some bulged brass....I would get the Lee 4 die kit that includes the Factory carbide crimp die......and then purchase the lee bulge buster (about another 15 dollars). This transforms your crimp die into a push through sizer effectively removing the bulge.
  5. I would actually consider an aftermarket barrel (i.e. Lone Wolf, KKM, Barsto, etc). The chambers on the Glock barrel are loose-fitting (for reliability). This causes the brass to get more worked each time you shoot it and shortens the lifetime of the brass. A LoneWolf barrel is around $120. Considering the scarcity and cost of 10mm brass, it's not a bad investment.
  6. If you are in need of a case trimmer, I have a brand new RCBS Manual Pro Trim I havent used. It comes with a shell holder and pilot for 10mm too.
  7. +1 on the Lee dies, as well as the LW barrel.

    trimming? who trims HG brass, really? (OK, except occasionally revolver brass)
  8. Taterhead

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    A 10mm case trimmer is probably not essential. I have never trimmed 10mm brass because I have never had them stretch longer than max length. Instead, the 10mm cases get shorter over time. My rifle brass is another story.

    I run with a stock G20 barrel and my RCBS carbide dies work great for resizing the infamous Glock belly. Whatever dies you go with, I suggest selecting the carbide variety. You can get by with little or no lube.
  9. I've used Lee dies (3 die set) for 10mm for nearly 20 years. A few years back I added separate taper crimp die. No issues, ever. I tend to lose brass long before it would need to be trimmed--my Colt DE tends to kick the brass down range, making it tougher to recover all of it. Although I have a case trimmer, I seldom use it. At the point of a 10mm needing trimmed, it is probably time to discard that case. What a great caliber, glad you like your G20!
  10. I purchased the RCBS dies before I found this site, mainly because I own an RCBS press. They are a combination .40 S&W/ 10mm.

    Here is a link.

    Are these going to cause me any problems? Is there something else I should get? Are these sufficient?
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  11. Please do not be afraid of offending me just because I am a little new to the 10mm reloading area. I really just want some information, and the posters here have the experience to answer me with real world information derived from actual use.
  12. I'm relatively new to reloading as well, but FWIW I'm using the RCBS Die Set. They seem to work well enough for my needs. The lock rings are garbage though, IMO.
  13. Dude, buy a set of lee dies and enjoy! 10mm is one of the easiest and most fun rounds to load and shoot. You can load'em anywhere from 40 s&w to kick ass 41 dot and lil' gun are my favorite powders
  14. Taterhead

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    Those dies will work great. I have loaded thousands of rounds with the same - mostly 10mm, but .40 S&W as well. As 99blkta, mentioned, the lock rings are a demerit. Otherwise, you'll be fine.
  15. At the time I bought my 10mm/.40 dies, RCBS were all that were available. They are carbide and have worked well for many years. The adjustment lock-rings do suck. Since discovering Lee dies, all new calibers are loaded with Lee dies in my RCBS press. IMO - They are less expensive and more "user friendly". Why pay more?
  16. Thanks for your input, chippy.
  17. Hornady lock rings would rule the world, if they could. :supergrin: The only way to go no matter what dies you have. They also work well for the shell holders in Giraud trimmers.
  18. I will keep looking for these. Would you still get these if you replaced the barrel?

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