NEW Talon Grips for Glocks *Free Shipping!*

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  1. Hello, I am new to advertising on this website and have brought with me a grip I designed that will give you unsurpassed performance for your Glock.

    I have been an avid Glock enthusiast for many years and owned many different models. With every model I envisioned a grip that would eliminate any movement of the pistol in my hands while shooting. In short, I wanted the pistol to STICK as if it was a part of me no matter the condition of my hands.

    After many templates and prototypes I had finally found the solution to eliminating excess pieces and creating a one-piece, no-nonsense grip for Glocks.

    These grips cover both sides of the pistol including the backstrap and the finger grooves for a complete 360 degree grip on the pistol in just one simple design.

    This is a one-piece grip that will never let you down no matter if your hands are wet, slippery or greasy. Because you never know what situation you may be in when your firearm becomes your only option.

    I offer free shipping and always will. Why? Because. The reason is as simple as my grip.

    I am also a Glock and Colt AR15, M16 armorer as well as a Firearms Instructor and I will enjoy contributing to the forum as often as possible. If you have any questions or want more info please click on

    Many thanks to the GlockTalk Staff for allowing Talon Grips to be a part of this outstanding forum!

    P.S. G19 and G23 coming very soon.

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  3. I just noticed your post, I'll be ordering one to try on my range pistol.

  4. speedlace

    speedlace My Boggle?

  5. paul1973

    paul1973 Blue pitbull

    Brah, I need one for my g23 pronto! Hook a brother up!
  6. Ahem....officially, Ok? Semantics. It wasn't till recently that I got some money together for advertising. This is a shoestring project I'm doing on my own. Good product, good price and free shipping. So please, don't work me over Ok, Tony? :)
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  7. no grip for the 30SF?
  8. I am working hard on getting all the models but it takes time to get the connections to get the guns and then get the measurements. On my website the 21 pictured is my own and the 34 and the 26 are co-workers of mine. I design all the grips specific to the Glock and then have them die-cut out-of-state. I even learned about creating a website and doing my own graphics out of this, plus making the banner you see here on GlockTalk. It's a one man show and with it go the challenges. Believe me, I am working hard on it.
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  9. paul1973

    paul1973 Blue pitbull

    Cool, let me know when the g23 one is ready. One question though, how do you remove the glue from the frame when you take these off?

  10. You don't. I never had glue residue after a removal and replacement. If there is an alcohol wipe should do the trick.
  11. paul1973

    paul1973 Blue pitbull

    Just ordered grips from you for my g17.
  12. Thank you!!! It ships tomorrow. :thumbsup:
  13. Mine shipped today. Thanks
  14. Your welcome. I am not a fan of waiting around for things I buy on the net. When you order, I ship...nuff said.
  15. paul1973

    paul1973 Blue pitbull

    I ordered yesterday evening, and this morning had an e-mail saying mine had already shipped. Thanks for the good service:wavey: I may post a picture after I put the grip on. Paul
  16. redbaron007

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    Ordered one for my 26 today...looks good-can't wait!

  17. What kind of warranty do you offer? -- Having glue that's removable, makes me think these grips may not last long after duty use/weather.

  18. If a problem arises I will take care of it, period. Duty use, weather will stick. I've been testing this since 2007, and the AZ desert is a harsh climate.
  19. Just ordered one for my G31!
  20. 1985 4Runner

    1985 4Runner Agitator

    Tagged for reference.

    G19 available when?
  21. Thank you Craig! I am about to drop it in the mailbox right now. :cool:

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