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Discussion in 'What Happened To My Want Ads Area?' started by Eric, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Can anyone shed light on how to fill the description block when posting a sale item? Everytime I try to update it it kicks it out.


    Wanna kill these ads? We can help!
  2. i am having the same issue tonight, the description is not taking but the ad is being placed. for now i will post the description in the "comments" section.

  3. acolt45

    acolt45 Senior Shooter

    same issue still?

    Description: -> posted to reply see below

    out of touch and out :rofl:
  4. sullyxlh , please contact me asap by message on here. I have sent you several messages and got no response from you. PLEASE CONTACT ME .
    Sorry to hijack a thread but I cant get a hold of sullyxlh by mail nor email . This is in relation to an item I sent you .
  5. ShaneS

    Millennium Member

    I'm having a hard time posting feedback from classified ad transactions. I've tried every way imaginable.
  6. What is wrong with the firearms section? I listed and sold a holster the other day. Today I try to list a gun for sale and the ad posts without the description or pictures! I tried 4 times and was unable to get the description to show up so I cancelled the post.
  7. pasky2112

    pasky2112 Senior Member

    I can post an ad fine but the quantity always comes up 0 (zero, zed, nada) Not sure if ppl are overlooking my post due to that or not...or even may not be able to buy the item??
  8. acolt45

    acolt45 Senior Shooter

    Still not responding at 3am this morning --

    Unable to add/modify classified description?

    Appears to be selective for each user - will or will not add

    Classifieds Description NO CHANGE

    :brickwall: :faint: :dunno:

    :brickwall: ___________ :therapy:

  9. itsnitro

    itsnitro Got Sig?

    I'm having the same problem. I've tried a few times to send my ad back to the top, but it never did....
  10. Is anyone bothering to read these posts regarding problems... or ideas to help solve other issues?

    I'd love to see either an automatic expiration of all ads after 3-6 months, or a means to delete said ad... or even an automatic reminder to the OP that if his/her ad isn't updated within "7" days it will be deleted, just so there is attention being paid to it. I waste more time responding to ads that are already sold and there's been no updating by the seller.

  11. itsnitro

    itsnitro Got Sig?

    Maybe a way to delete multiple ads on my watch list instead to having to go in each listing to click remove from watch list.
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  12. x2 !!!
  13. acolt45

    acolt45 Senior Shooter

    Description NOT Working - Same as One Year Ago

    =============== :tongueout:

    ================= :steamed:
    ==== :wavey:

    May be Next Year - a change or FIX will take Place
  14. JoeyG

    I am having trouble leaving feedback for a GT member I did business with. I have had no issue leaving feedback for several other members. However, when I try to search this member in the classifieds member list, his user name does not show up. Any idea what the problem is? Thanks for any help anybody has to offer.
  15. GlocksterJeff

    GlocksterJeff Glock Armorer

    Could not get description to load so...

    Fits 9mm/.40/.357/.45GAP high capacity (full metal lined - drop free) magazines. Adds +2 in 9mm and most .40/.357 mags. Adds +1 in .45GAP and in some tight .40/.357 mags with new springs. Does not fit 10 round magazines - except for the subcompact G26 or G27.

    I ship either the same day, or the next business day, upon receipt of your payment. I can take PayPal or USPS money orders.
  16. Eric,

    How about putting someone in charge of these classifieds to help get this crap cleaned up? Wading through 2 year old ads that aren't valid is a huge waste of time and forcing a lot of us to give up on the system, which is too bad.

    Can't/won't you do anything???


    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby

    I listed an item and the description does not appear in the Ad? Also when typing the description I cant use any of the typing functions like bold, font type or font color. It also won't let me use the mouse to select or highlight words to remove or correct, I can only use the arrow keys on my keyboard.

  18. 04/30/2014. Can't get description to load; have tried multiple times. Posted add and then tried to edit; still can't get the description to load.

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