New RTF2 G17s?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by plouffedaddy, Dec 6, 2012.

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  2. I saw the Buds ad last week. Not sure though.

    Someone should call them up and ask the first 3 letters of the serial number so we can figure out if these have been sitting in a back room for 2 years.

  3. also has "new" trf2 glock 17's site say "99+" in stock. picture show pistol with gills
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  4. I see with Gills...if new production did GLOCK retool?
  5. I will say "thank you" to the first person to call them up and ask what the serial numbers start with...
  6. well they did redo the 21SFs. I would love for the 19s to come back! I would be in for at least 1.

    ETA: Sent a message to Tombstone and asked on their FB page.
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  7. There you have it
  8. There you go!

    On another note they really need to correct their's misleading.

  9. HEXE9

    HEXE9 Shootin' Fool

    What do you mean by this statement?

    It may be obvious, but I'm missing it.
  10. Last summer they re-released the 21SF RTF2s, that originally a very limited run for a PD then got returned. Ed's Public Safety had a bunch of the turn-ins they were selling for $619 each. Then a few months later Glock shipped a bunch of new stock 21SF RTF2s and sold them for a lot cheaper.

    So this could point to the 19s & 23s being released again with straight serrations.

    And yes they need to update their pics so people don't think they are getting gills.
  11. HEXE9

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    Awesome. Thanks for the explanation. :thumbsup:
  12. Waiting for a new 22 RTF2 :faint:

  13. +1! I was very close to ordering one of these. Would not have been happy.
  14. I called Buds tonight and spoke with a manager. He refused to provide me the first three letters of the serial number and said it was a weird request for people to want to know the serial number and that concerned him. I told him I wanted just the first three to date the pistol, not the entire serial number. I said I wanted an old stock one, not a new production.

    I finally got an answer out of him and he said the first letter started with an "A" and that he wasn't even comfortable providing that. I told him I would refuse to buy from Bud's because they were not providing me the information I needed to help me decide if I wanted to buy it.

    He said he was fine not selling to me.

    I wonder if it starts with an "A"......if its a totally made in USA gun. I saw some pics of a Glock with a "USA" slide that had AAAA as the first four letters of the serial number
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  15. It wouldn't surprise me if they were US stamped. The market is beginning to be saturated with them.
  16. Anyone that wants to provide a gas card, I will take a trip to Bud's Lexington store this weekend and find one in person for complete verification. :whistling:
  17. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  18. Man if there was even a faint mention of a new run or old surplus of gilled 19's...:exercise:... I'm there!
  19. So what's the deal? Old new stock? Or New New stock with ****ty Gen4 insides!?

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