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New Rifle Options: SGL31 or LE6920?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Aglockalpyse Now, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Finally gonna purchase my first "assault rifle" and I am dead split on either the Arsenal SGL-31 or the Colt LE6920. I can get both for pretty much the same price, but whichever one I go with I want to put rails, optics, etc. on it. I know the Colt will be more precise and accurate probably but I'm not looking for a sniper rifle, and I feel like customizing it will be quite a bit more than the Arsenal to get it how I want it. That being said, is the Colt just a flat out better rifle or will the Arsenal serve just as well as a defensive weapon? Any input is greatly appreciated. :dunno:
  2. I own an sgl-31 and an Armalite M-15, similar to the LE6920. If I were getting a new rifle I would go with the Colt simply because of the commercial availability of parts/ammo/accessories. I love both of them but finding ammo in 5.45X39 can be a chore if you want to shop locally. I love the look of the AK-74 but wouldn't let that be a deciding factor. My vote is for the COLT.

  3. WarEagle32


    Mar 15, 2011
    Taking nothing away from the Arsenal at all, absolutely go with the Colt 6920. The Colt is just more precise and more fun, amongst many many other reasons I could give. An AR is my favorite gun by far, and Colt makes a tremendous M4.
  4. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil Platinum Member

    Jun 25, 2004
    Amarillo, Tx
  5. 4Rules


    Mar 11, 2012
    The AR is America's rifle, and America's AR is the M-4 carbine.
  6. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    Jun 19, 2008
    NW Ark.
    Colt gets my vote. :cool:
  7. DaBurna


    Jun 8, 2008
    Bama Boy
  8. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Build the Wall

    While I have nine (9) AKs and only one (1) AR, that AR is the Colt LE6920!


    OP, get the Colt!

  9. nathanours

    nathanours Texan

    Get the Colt. I love mine.
  10. DaleGribble

    DaleGribble Sandwich!

    Mar 20, 2003
    Land of the toothless!
    AR < AK. Just sayin. :supergrin:

    I'd get the Arsenal. Any difference in accuracy is minimal with a quality AK like an Arsenal and ammo is cheaper.
  11. MrMurphy

    MrMurphy ********* Moderator Moderator Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Jan 16, 2001
    Buried in the X-files
    You can turn an AK into something with AR accessories, but you can't turn it into an AR.......

    Get the Colt. I'm prejudiced in that I've carried an AR for quite literally half my life in some form or fashion, but my first semi rifle was an AK. I like them both, but i'm trained on the AR.
  12. Glock40man


    Feb 1, 2011
    The Midwest
    The Colt gets my vote!
  13. yz9890


    Jul 7, 2013
    I love them both but my Arsenal gets the most range time.
  14. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    You can either get the real assault rifle or you can get a Mattel Toy.
  15. thanks for all the feedback guys looks like the consensus so far is the Colt, is it that far superior to the Arsenal? Like I said I'm not gonna be trying to shoot 1 inch groups at 1000, but is the Colt gonna perform better in close quarters? I mean I want whatever I get to be fun to shoot but also practical to use for defensive purposes should the need arise...and no I'm not talking about zombie apocalypse type s**t, more like bump in the night type s**t lol. Is the Colt still superior at close quarters?
  16. MrMurphy

    MrMurphy ********* Moderator Moderator Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Jan 16, 2001
    Buried in the X-files
    The AR has better sights and is more accurate.

    At 50 yards or less, either will certainly do.

    Most countries that issue the AK, their special ops guys (who get a choice....) usually end up carrying AR's. Even countries that don't carry AKs but have something else, often carry AR's (French use the HK416 for example, Poland's GROM uses the M4 carbine).

    Neither is a 'bad' choice, but the AR is more ergonomic, more accurate, faster to reload and easier to hit with.
  17. Roger G23

    Roger G23 Glock Guy

    Jun 3, 2010
    The Gunshine State
    Get the SGL 31. Top notch. Don't forget. 1,080 rounds for $177 with free shipping at Copes Distributing.
    A no brainer.
    Highly accurate awesome looking quality Russian receiver, chrome lined cold hammer forged Russian barrel.
    Shoot the highly accurate and ballistically serious 5.45x39mm for like 14 cents a round.
  18. This is something I too have realized, the Beryl is a quality AK-type weapon used by the Polish forces yet their spec ops dudes use the M4. I guess there's a reason for that. Valid point for the AR, MrMurphy.
  19. Roger G23

    Roger G23 Glock Guy

    Jun 3, 2010
    The Gunshine State
    They're both equally as lethal. Some would argue the .223 5.56 needs a 20'' barrel to get full ballistic potential. (fragmenting)
    The 5.45x39 on the other hand, does not have any similar barrel length questions. The round tumbles and yaws violently once inside soft tissue. Ask the Afghanis from the Afghan-Soviet War why they called it "The Poison Bullet" and "The Devil's Round"
  20. Roger G23

    Roger G23 Glock Guy

    Jun 3, 2010
    The Gunshine State
    Because Poland is now part of NATO. They have to comply with our weapon systems. That's the only reason. (they have to use NATO compliant ammo) in case of war, all the NATO countries have similar stuff. Same reason police all carry same guns, ammo and mags. Interchangeabilty on the same team.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2013