New rifle. Buffer retainer?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by boby, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone. Bought a new RRA entry tactical today. When I got it home I found the bolt wouldn't lock back manually or with an empty mag. The bolt catch was trying to lock on the carrier instead of the bolt face. Suspecting they put the wrong buffer spring in I took the rifle apart. I found the buffer retainer to be missing. Apparently it had come loose and was floating around in the lower.

    Anyways trying to replace the buffer retainer has proven futile. If I screw the buffer tube into the rifle anymore to properly secure the buffer retainer, it blocks the upper and lower from mating. What the hell rock river!?

    Anyone have any advice here? Guess I learned my lesson on making sure everything works before I buy something. The rifle was still wrapped up in its plastic unopened when I bought it so I figured it would be ok.


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  2. That is power weak. Im not sure i understand the situation completely. So you are threading so much that the upper bumps the actual buffer tube when lowering down to the lower? Buffer tube out of spec?

  3. You are exactly right. The pictures above are how everything was assembled when I took the rifle apart. If I try to put the buffer retainer in it just sits there, wont stay secure.

    But as you are saying, threading the buffer in any more makes the upper bump the buffer tube when trying to put everything back together.

    Sorry I am having trouble explaining this haha. Not very happy with rock river at the moment...
  4. MarkCO

    Millennium Member CLM

    I run most of my ARs with no buffer retainer. It is not necessary for operation, just makes take-down a little simpler. They break more often than people think.
  5. That's a good point, I didn't even realize it wasn't an essential part.

    With that said, my bolt still refuses to lock back properly. Any advice on that?
  6. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    Either contact the shop you bought it from, or RRA directly. They will take care of it.
  7. Looks out of spec to me. Your tube is already flush with your upper and your not getting enough bite to hold in your retainer, anymore and you go beyond and your upper will not close. Somebody may come along behind me with more useful info but I say take that thing back.
  8. Who cares if they arent required to run with it, the rifle should be put together well and function after being brought home.
  9. I agree. Either way I am calling Rock River on Monday. Just nice to know I can at least use it if need be.
  10. faawrenchbndr

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    Why not talk to the shop where you bought it?

    The little notch in the buffer tube is the problem, you need a new tube.
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  11. They refuse to budge on their no return policy.
  12. Boxerglocker

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    Have they offered to fix it? If you decide on getting at new buffer tube, get a LMT.
  13. MarkCO

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    I went down and looked at 3 tubes before I said anything, but that tube end looks like it was cut on a bandsaw and not finsihed. It looks rough. I wonder if there was a problem and someone decided to try and get creative.

    As for the not functioning, did you get all the parts out of the rifle? No spring, detent, etc. stuck in the buffer, buffer tube, lower, etc.? Are there gouges on anything?
  14. They sold you a defective product and won't do anything to correct their mistake? Sad on the part of RRA and your LGS.
  15. Mayhem like Me

    Mayhem like Me Semper Paratus

    CAll RRA and ship it to them they will fix it.
    And warn everyone and post the name of the POS shop that won't make this right
  16. If the LGS sold you a rifle with a problem, and IS NOT willing to make it right, then they deserve to be thrown under the bus.
  17. This, post up that shop.
  18. The receiver extension is missing that little lip that retains the buffer retainer pin. It does look like a hack job. RRA should take care of this. As for your LGS, I would say bad on them. But then, every gun I get in I function test it (not fire it) before it goes out the door.
  19. mvician

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    Did the "tube" have loctite on it?
    Bets are someone bubba'd that rifle.
  20. Javelin

    Javelin Got Glock?
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    It's an easy fix so long as the receiver is not damaged. But you shouldn't have to do it yourself in all honest and I agree with mvician that it is probably some crap hack issue.

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