New Real 10mm ammo maker

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by intecooler, Sep 4, 2013.

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  2. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    hard to beat Underwood for quality, price, and true 10mm ballistics.

  3. <===== No doubt he's my main guy. PBR is #2 but a little cheaper.

    Sometime though both of them are out. Need a good option #3.
  4. 20 rds for the price of 50? If underwood is out of stock I'm out of luck!
  5. Noted and forwarded the information to Gregg. I agree on the pricing! I'm with you in that I could only test it and not shoot much more than that :)
  6. Thanks for the link. :)
  7. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    those are some high prices for unknown ammo with no track record. UW is still the better deal.
  8. arkdweller22

    arkdweller22 Cuhootnified

    Good find! Thanks for the link.
    I've been waiting on UW to get some SD rounds in stock again. This would be a good option if it takes longer than I need.

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  9. Nanuk

  10. 100% true and I'm with you!

    Except... some people or their firearms can't handle Underwood, Buffalo Bore, etc... and then they *****. Some don't care for Double Tap or Cor-Bon for other reasons. I'm all for options because then that cuts down on the *****ing and throwing companies under the bus. I have been guilty of it myself but have learned through testing and won't throw my money away going forward.
  11. I'm quite impressed with Underwood so far. The shipping cost is high, but that's to be expected with ammo. Hope they keep on cranking out their fodder. It seems to be really high quality stuff. Look out for an Obamatax on ammo before he's gone (which can't be too soon).

  12. I don't understand why you 10mm guys aren't rolling your own. The cost savings would be enormous & you get what ever level of performance you want.
  13. arkdweller22

    arkdweller22 Cuhootnified

    I roll all my own range and hunting fodder. However, I'm reluctant to carry my reloads for defense. I want to avoid any headaches that may bring me in the event I actually have to use the gun in an SD situation.

    I have developed some self defense loads in case it's impossible to get factory ammo down the road, but can't bring myself to carry them. Maybe I should, I just haven't decided on it yet and would rather err on the side of caution.

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  14. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee Drop those nuts

    Price is WAY too steep. None for me, thanks.
  15. I can see that, I follow the same thought. Then the 10mm is not my choice for EDC.:wavey: Still, buying full power ammo for practice has got to be pricey.
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  16. The 10mm is best if hand loaded.

    I can load anything from Hawk 200 grain 1350 from 6" LS to DRT 105 grain to 1800 FPS+ that is the best way to go.
  17. agtman

    agtman 10mm Spartiate

    Thanks for the link.
    Always good to get a "heads-up" on a new ammo-maker offering a 10mm line-up.

    However, I have to agree that the pricing, from a new and un-vetted ammo-maker, seems comparatively high for 50-rds of 10mm, even given the bullets used. Their lowest price is $49.99; the highest price $74.99.

    None are "practice" or plinking-type FMJ loads. In that category, Armscor's 180gn FMJ (50-rds/bx) still scores best for an "off-the-shelf" load with both a great price-point and an energy level that at least treads into the 10mm's mid-range velocities, ... if you can find it. :whistling:

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  18. agtman

    agtman 10mm Spartiate

    That's the point. :whistling:

    Besides the $$$ savings realized over time through an agressive, in-home reloading program for the 10mm, you can easily build a designer load for training or practice, using the same JHP bullet, that replicates your factory EDC or duty load, whether it's something mid-range, like Horn's 180gn XTP @ 1180fps, or one of the full-throttle 200gn JHPs from DT or Underwood.


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