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New...Rapid Fire Trigger for AR

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Trigger Finger, Oct 28, 2012.


    SPDSNYPR Zippy's Friend.

    Jun 12, 2006
    OK, USA
    Hey - stupid, expensive, and developed for paintball gamers - it's like the trifecta of loser BS equipment. Awesome.

  2. WayaX

    WayaX Lifetime Member

    Feb 27, 2007
    I've been wondering how long before that came to the world of black rifles. One of those and a bump-fire stock and you'd be set...:faint:
  3. I'll stick with the rubber band.


    i have access to select fire weapons at work so i am kind of bored with it.
  4. A Geissele trigger is cheaper and works better :supergrin:

    [ame=""]Travis Haley Running 300 BLK OUT Like a BOSS - YouTube[/ame]
  5. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    It works great in the original application when you can spray and pray with your 360 round hopper holding a ton of little light 68 caliber paintballs and just dump another couple of hundred in every minute. Doesn't work so well when you have to lug heavy mags of 30 rounds of real ammo and you can't just spray it in the general vicinity.

    The speeds you achieve with this waste of money doesn't make it any better in a real shootout for any civilian or LE engagements and if you're .mil, you already have true select fire weapons anyway. Another useless mod for the tactifool crowd.
  6. vikingsoftpaw

    vikingsoftpaw DEPLORABLE ME!

    Aug 29, 2009
    Willoughby, Ohio USA
    Looks like ultimate Tacticool Tomfoolery.
  7. Sgt127


    Nov 5, 2002
    My kid played semi-pro paintball for years. When those two fingers got synched up, it was pretty much a garden hose with paint. With no recoil to speak of and, thousands of rounds on him, it was pretty cool. watching him shoot while dumping more paintballs in the hopper was neat. Of course, everybody on that side of the field needed shooting, so, accuracy took second place to volume. When he needed to take a shot at somebody behind a bunker, he shot it like a real gun. Much like an AR should be fired.