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Discussion in 'Illinois Glockers' Club' started by VN350X10, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. As of last week, there was approval given for a new indoor range in McHenry, IL.
    It will probably take at least 6-8 mos. to do, but the building exists, the people behind it HAVE THE MONEY, & the city council has approved.
    It will be on the site of the former Sullivan Foods store, right on rt.120. The folks involved already have a gun shop operating in McHenry, & this will be a move to a larger location.
    I'll try & post more details as I learn them.

    uncle albert

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    Please.. Any info appreciated!

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  4. No more news yet, but the partnership doing this already has an established gun shop & F.F.L.
    No news on any construction starting yet.

    uncle albert
  5. This would only be about 20 minutes from my in-laws in Fox Lake. That is pretty exciting. My brother in-law is always wanting to go shoot now we would have a place to go. Keep us updated.
  6. as things show up in the local paper, I'll try & post them.

    uncle albert
  7. You are making Cook County angry with your evil gun range.

    Everytime you shoot a gun, God kills a kitten.


    Seriously Congrats.
  8. Every time I shoot a gun, GOD doesn't HAVE to kill a kitten......or at least a cat.

    It's been taken care of !

    (evil)uncle albert
  9. 33rdglock17

    33rdglock17 Boosh


    You know crystal lake has an indoor pistol and rifle range too
  10. Biggest complaint I've heard so far about "On Target" the new range in Cr.Lk. is the high cost of shooting there.
    But being a brand new outfit, they've got a big nut to crack. They have a rather large staff.

    uncle albert
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    That's what she said.

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  12. Jr.


  13. I just bought my G23 from OnTarget. I live in Crystal Lake so I have been in there a few times looking at different guns and finally decided to buy one. They are really busy but both ranges are really nice. I was at a small gun shop in the basement of a store on 120 in McHenry a few months back and it was pretty small. is this the one that will be moving to the new location? Has anyone been to Marengo Guns?
  14. No I didn't. I live about 100 miles west of Chicago so I'm not really around that area all yhe time.
  15. Sorry, I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago.....

    The plan for the new range in McHenry is is NOT gonna happen.
    Let me explain:
    The building that was planned for the new range, & approved by the McHenry city council has a problem with ASBESTOS issues. The person that was planning on buying it & building the new range & the current owner couldn't/wouldn't come to an agreement as far as to who was going to pay what to resolve the problem. The prospective owner wanted a reasonable concession from the current owner, who was apparently willing to give none.
    So the deal is off, the flea market/stolen junk sales continue, & McHenry doesn't get a nice new range.
    tallen122, no, the basement range (HP Shooting Center) is located in the building that has been a gun shop/range since the very early 70's, and was not the business that was going to build the new range. I worked at that shop 4 owners ago, starting in 1997, but currently work at HB Arms, located in Lakemoor, about 3 miles east on 120. Unfortunately, we don't have a range. I do shoot at HP, and the owner is rather a decent chap. There are .22 cal. shoots on the 1st & 3rd Fri. of the month, starting about 6:00 PM.

    As far as Marengo Guns, they have extremely low prices, due to the fact that they seem to make most of their income from the coin/gold business. Guns just seem to be a sideline, even thou they have a large selection. Having never been there, I can't honestly comment on customer service.

    uncle albert
  16. Missed your post.

    Yes JR, 2nd Amendment was the outfit planning on moving into Sullivan's, but no deal, no more.

    uncle albert
  17. vn350x10 I just drove by your store the other day. I didn't realize there was a store there before that. I'll have to stop in sometime and introduce myself.
  18. Sounds lilke a plan, and I'm there on Sat. I'm the gunsmith & in house "GlockGeek".

    uncle albert
  19. Cool I'll stop in.
  20. We'll be looking for you !

    uncle albert

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